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Do You Know Slow Loading Website Is Killing Your Business

The world is moving fast in the digital era, where everyone wants a solution on one click of the button. Today, from bricks and mortar to newspaper vending is online. To keep your business alive, you should have a business website. But, what if your website shows content slowly? Do you know that in the fast-moving world slow means dead?
Here are the reasons why a slow loading website is killing your business.

#1 Slow Website Irritates Visitor

Slow loading website will irritate your potential customers. If your website is slow and takes only a few seconds to load, there will be a huge amount of visitors who will jump to another website. If we go with the stats of Kissmetrics blog, 40% users abandon a site that has the loading speed higher than 3 seconds. 40% is a huge percent to lose.

#2 Low Conversion Rate

According to a study of Euro VPS, the 1-second delay in loading your website can cause you loss of 7% conversions. As marketing is not cost effective these days and cost-effective marketers are not so much effective. First, you pay to invest in marketing and then you will lose leads due to slow websites. Note, this doesn’t mean that you should not invest in marketing. You should optimize your website to get best out of your marketing investment. So, in 3 seconds also you have already lost 21% of conversions, which is a high number. The low conversion rate will lead to low benefits and low benefits will lead to low employee appraisals. Above all, low employee appraisals will lead to low productivity and if you lost the productivity, soon you have to shut down your business.

#3 WhatsApp Will Ruin It

As per recent studies, use of mobile internet has been increased in past few years. If your website has a great content, but webpage takes some time to load. So the user will be exhausted by your website and go back to WhatsApp to catch some fun.

#4 Negative Word-of-Mouth Marketing

It is human tendency to tell hundreds if we like something and tell thousands if we didn’t like it. If your website loads slow and irritates the visitor, the one will always recommend to not open your website. Your website, irritate, sucks and does not open. Word-of-Mouth is biggest marketing technique. It can either skyrocket your business or just destroy it.

#5 Google Loves Fast Loading Websites

Google officially announced that website loading time is also a factor in ranking your website on search engine. Google will ignore your website even on highly relevant search query because of low user experience. If a user spends less than a minute on your website, this means your website is not relevant to the user and your search engine optimization work will go into vain. Search engine optimization is the best way to acquire client at low cost. You just have to rank your website on high traffic keywords and your business will flourish. But, if your website has slow loading speed that means you have already lost one major advantage of online marketing.

So, a slow loading website not only affects your client but your whole business. Optimizing your website is a good investment. Although speed optimization is a lifelong process, it keeps your visitor stick to your website. A fast loading page is loved by both visitors as well as Google.

Free Tools To Check Your Website Loading Speed

There are some free tools, listed below, that you can use to check your website loading speed.

Google Page Insights – This is a free tool by Google to check your website’s loading speed. It shows an estimated loading time and a few suggestions to optimize your website.

Pingdom – This is a freemium tool, this shows loading speed as well as uptime and downtime of the website.

Gtmetrix – It is also a freemium tool that can be used for using website speed.

By using above tools, you can easily check loading speed of your website as well as suggestions for optimising it.

Taking care of your website’s loading time can save you lots of customers and can save your brand reputation in the online market.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Do You Know Slow Loading Website Is Killing Your Business
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