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5 Easy to Avoid, Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Word of mouth has always been the number one way for small businesses to improve their presence in the market. Earlier, it was common for brands to rely on excellent service and leverage it to improve their hold in the market. Now, things have changed slightly with new communication channels have opened, thanks to the internet. However, it doesn’t mean that you can survive without providing good service. But, you now need to leverage the channels properly to compete and grow.

Now businesses can use social media channels to their advantage. By leveraging social media properly, they are giving themselves the chance to grow exponentially in such a competitive market. Almost everyone is using social media to promote themselves. And, this can leave your small business behind if you don’t use it effectively. It is common to find small business making social media mistakes and not even understanding their implications for their overall growth.

With the growth of social media, you will find more than half of the audience online who take their decision based on what they read and see. To ensure that you don’t make small mistakes and ensure proper growth your small business, we will go through the common mistakes made by small businesses. So, without any delay, let’s explore what are the top mistakes:

1. Ignoring social media completely

Small businesses think that they will not gain any advantage if they use social media platforms. It might have worked a decade back, but now customers expect small business to have social media presence so that they can follow and get connected.

It is important to understand that there is no small or big fish in the online world. Everyone has an equal opportunity, and it is all up to you on how you leverage the social media platforms and improve your presence online.

2. Use social media channels to share knowledge

Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Medium, etc. should be used to gain followers and build trust with your audience. However, it cannot be done if you keep promoting your business all day and night. The followers will eventually get bored and will find no value in following your social media pages. However, self-promotion is essential, but should not be overdone.

To have a better approach, you need to understand your audience better and experiment with what they like. For example, if you are a small app development company, you might want to share content surrounding app development, market, customer behaviors and so on. This will establish yourself as a leader as it will easily reflect on what you know.

3. Poor planning or strategy

Social media marketing is not a simple job. It is complex as there are multiple platforms to manage, a different audience to carter and also keeping the business profile top-notch all the time. All of these require constant effort to manage them. Not only you need to understand the purpose of each platform but also strategize them accordingly.

The best way to manage and plan social media is to hire a professional who understands your business in and out. The professional an easily operate each channel accordingly and leverage them accordingly. If you plan and execute, you will find better results compared to random posting or usage of each channel. By going through a proper plan, you can save time, improve content quality, engage the audience, and increase the success rate for your social media plans.

4. Hiring non-competent employees

As a business owner, it is common to see social media as an easy task. You might think, what it takes to post some updates on social media simply? Nothing, right? Well, you are wrong. This thinking can easily lead to hiring newbies or workers that do not know how social media works.

They might be able to post periodically on your social media platforms, but they lack the expertise and the execution to make it successful. That’s why it is always a good idea to hire competent employees who can make things work out from the start.

5. Not monitoring the progress

How much growth your business has achieved regarding social media outreach from the day you started? What is the growth in the last week? These are the question small business ignore. They might be growing, but they just don’t know exactly how much.

This might seem plausible at the beginning, but it all comes down to improving the strategy over time. If your business is not evaluating growth regarding goals or KPI, then you are missing out on the opportunities where you can grow.


Social media is an important aspect that a small business should always maintain. By ignoring the small mistakes mentioned above, you can help your business grow faster and leverage social media to its best potential.

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