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4 Email Marketing Tips: How to Create Engaging Emails and Get Them in the Right Hands

The main goal of any B2B sales professional is to gain a lion share of their market. While this may sound easy, how to sell to small businesses is very complex. Among the most used and successful methods of garnering sales leads is email marketing. Having a well-written email to send out to prospective clients is essential when trying to have success. For business owners who are new to the world of outbound marketing, crafting an engaging and readable email can be difficult. Read below to find out information on how to make the marketing emails you send out compelling and informative.

  1. Crafting a Great Subject Line
    The first thing the recipient of your email will see is the subject line. Making sure that the subject line is clear and concise can help you get your foot in the door with a potential customer. The first thing to remember when writing your subject line is personalization is key. Putting the recipient’s name in the subject line is a great way to get them interested right away. You will also need to use action words in your subject line. Phrases like “Act Fast” or “Purchase Now” can spark a person’s interest and get them to open the email.
    Whether you are trying to sell products or promote fax online software, you have to be persuasive. If you fail to use the sales language, you are not going to be able to entice a person to take the next step. If you are unsure about how to write in a salesy tone, working with professionals is a great idea.
  2. Get to the Point Immediately
    One of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to have a successful email marketing campaign is not getting to the point of why you are contacting a customer immediately. The last thing anyone wants to do is read a long and drawn out email. The first line of your email should present the value proposition to your potential customer. Once you have made your point, you can then worry about how catchy the email is and what you can do to incorporate your brand.
  3. Link to Your Website
    The email that you send out to prospective customers should have links in it to take them to your website. Making a great looking landing page is a great way to drive home the point of the email and allow the customer to take action. You need to make sure that the page you have sent the prospective customer to have contact information clearly displayed. If a customer has to hunt around for a contact email or number, they will usually lose interest and click the exit button.
    Before you start to embed a link into an email, you need to test it a few times. There are so many business owners out there who mistakenly send clients links to dead pages. If a person clicks on this page and is unable to see anything, they are going to be a bit irritated. This is why you need to work hard to test and retest everything in your email.
  4. Getting the Email Addresses Needed
    A vital part of having success with an email marketing campaign is getting contact information for the small businesses you are targeting. There are a number of companies out there that can supply you with email addresses of people who have already shown interest in the products and services you offer.

Compelling and engaging emails paired with the power of Leads AI is a winning combination when trying to have success with outbound marketing. Once you have contacted business owners about your service or product, you will be able to create lasting relationships that will help you grow your company.

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