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4 Fascinating Myths About Content Marketing And Mobile App Development

There is an accurate statistic from Statista that shows that the number of available apps that can be downloaded in leading app stores as of March 2017 stands at 2.8 million apps which ranges from gaming to animation software and everything in-between. And a significant chunk of those apps are produced by app developers, India. Apple App store comes second to Google Play with a figure of 2.2 million downloadable apps that are readily available. And if you look at the statistics as a developer, it says a lot about the marketplace and what is required to designed or create a successful app. Smart and efficient marketing strategies are in order right?

Also, what is more interesting about it is the fact that mobile apps are relatively easy to create when compared to computer apps. Could you take a good guess on how this affects you as a professional mobile app developer? If your answer is accurate, it will be that there are a plethora of apps from developers in almost every country in the world which includes app developers, India. And this is the reason why modern app developers, India or in most developed region of the world are familiar with content marketing as an effective marketing tool to get their mobile apps in the phones of millions of people, globally.

And if you are an app developer, you probably know that your mobile app can never be successful in the marketplace without app marketing which could be done efficiently through content marketing. There will be no recognition for your mobile app, if people or users have not heard about it. It simply will not work without marketing which will give it the required recognition and more.

That is the main reason why content marketing is put into serious consideration in the beginning stages of mobile app development. However, there are some myths about content marketing and mobile app development that need to be debunked which could affect the chances of success for your mobile app. Let’s take a look at some of these myths and misconceptions as stated below.

#1 SEO strategies are not important as smart content marketing strategies after the stages of mobile app development have been done successfully. Every successful content marketing strategies use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as an efficient marketing strategy for app developers, India.

One of the main reasons for this is SERP which could put you a step ahead of the competition. And as you already know, it is more difficult to stay in the number one spot than to get to that spot. This means that you will have to shun more great contents that include the implementation of SEO strategies. That is why many professional app developer, India are working hard to fix this problem before their apps are designed.

#2 Analytics is also not important. It will be unwise to sell to customers you do not care about or know nothing about. If you do this as an app developer, you are giving your competition that winning advantage that would get them ahead and your apps will fade into oblivion when there is no significant downloads in the marketplace. You know what this means, if it happens.

So, analytic tools are very important. If it is done appropriately, you will be able to know the precise demands and needs of your customers which could encompass the needs of prospects as well. How could you discard such extremely useful information as app developers, India and tag it as ‘unimportant’ Through analytics, you will get important information that will help in the modifications of built apps features.

#3 Mobile apps cannot access data that is stored in legacy systems. Many enterprises that have invested in ERP (Enterprises Resource Planning) software are hesitating in the development of mobile apps. The reason being that apps do not plug into present technologies. So, they are not mobile accessible despite the fact that enterprise apps may have the ability to plug into API systems and backend systems such as SAP, MySQL, Oracle, Sharepoint, and others.

When this happens, it could impede the app development process or it could make some apps to become obsolete. But the truth is that there is efficient solutions to the problem that will make mobile apps to access relevant data that are stored that are retrievable. To solve this problem, what you should do is to find a mobile backend (MBaaS). This is a service solution that should be used with an API infrastructure. If you use it, accessibility of legacy systems is sure for mobile devices.

So, it is obvious that this is another myth or misconception to make assumptions that data stored in legacy systems cannot be accessed by mobile apps or devices, as the case maybe.

#4 As an app developer or app developer, India, you are forced to know myriad of frameworks and lengthy coding languages. Do not be intimidated by this misinformation if you are a beginner. There is no human that is capable of memorizing all those frameworks and lengthy coding languages and uses it when it is needed—the professional cannot do it, either!

You should remember that there is a reason why data are stored and retrieved when needed. And do not forget that the average modern computer has super human processing and storage capabilities. So why anyone would wants to memorize such data. If you are reading this and you comprehend what is being written on this page, then you will see that it is ridiculous to make such misguided statements.

However, it is accurate to say that many app developers use up to ten coding languages. This is a nothing compared to all the coding languages and frameworks. Even 10 are considered too much as there is available solutions to this ‘problem.’ There are known platforms that give app developers options to use the languages that they are most comfortable with. If you understand what that meant, then you will know that it makes the whole process much simplified.

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