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Know about AWOL academy through AWOL academy reviews

AOWL academy is the boon for every entrepreneur, be it a beginner or an experienced entrepreneur. It will help you in taking your business to a new height and will bring more customers to you. The academy is a platform for the entire businessman who wants to learn new techniques and skills to upgrade the level of their company in the market. But, does it help and support you unlike the other money making companies that only make promises. Let’s find out with AWOL academy reviews.

About AWOL academy

Kameron George and Keala Kanae is the mastermind behind this program who has launched this academy in the year 2015. It is a platform to educate businessman about the new and trendy marketing techniques. The academy believes in changing the lives of the entrepreneurs, and this is reflected in the name of their academy, AWOL. “Another way of life” that’s what the name of academy says. Everything was started with a project, and later after few years, the project turned into the academy.

AWOL academy reviews

The academy educates the users at different levels through their videos. Total six levels are available at different prices. You have to pay for joining the course that suits you. Let’s learn about these levels.

PRO academy

The PRO academy is available for viewers at the basic price of $99. The course includes 25 videos that will be covered into4 modules. In this package, you will have to go through the four simple steps:

  1. Watch a welcome video that is of short duration
  2. You will have to make a profile and share your contact information
  3. There will be then few coaching steps that need to be completed
  4. Then you have to book your coaching call

The first two steps will not consume much of your time, but the third one is a bit lengthy. After the last step, you will receive a call from the academy. You can ask in brief about the program. You will then undergo the training that will include four modules, and each module will contain some set of videos that will teach you in brief. For example- in module 1, there are six videos where you will get an overview of the course. The module will teach you about the affiliate marketing which is on the market since long, affiliating marketing involves the promotion of products of other marketers and in return, you will get a commission. The videos are quite good and the method they teach works.

In rest of the modules, you will learn in detail about the marketing like how to set up a landing page, increases your sales funnel, etc.

Inbox academy

This course is about email marketing that teaches you how to convert your visitors into subscribers.  For this course, you just have to pay $297. It consists of 4 modules that cover the basics of email marketing.

Module 1- teaches basics

Module 2- teach you about email deliverability

Module 3- you will learn open rates’

Module 4- learn about click-thru rates

This training is comprehensive and covers all the essentials of email marketing. It is the useful part of every business and thus enrolling into this course will actually let you learn how to lead in the market.

Conversion academy

Conversions points are very essential for making the huge profit in the market and thus learning about is highly important. It also contains modules that will teach you in depth about the conversion of sales funnels. You will learn how to engage users in your business. This is the best-scheduled module as it will teach you about mind control hacks, epic storytelling, live sales formula and much more. However, this course is a bit expensive as you have to spend $997 for it. Well, that’s not a big amount because once you learn it, you will be able to make the huge profit from your business.

Traffic Academy 

The AWOL academy has no doubt built the best platform to teach the users how to increase traffic to their website. Most of the visitors just come to your site but don’t buy and there you lose the opportunity to earn. But with this course, this will not happen anymore. This course teaches how you can use various other platforms to make the profit for your business. They have smartly involved the use of various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo and another platform. Among all the courses, you should not miss this one as it can turn into highly beneficial for your company. It will cost you $997 same as for conversion course. The course itself is worthy and speculating.

Masters Academy

It is the expensive course of the AWOL academy but at the same time worthy as well. It is divided into three sections. It is a good way to boost your existing results. It teaches about tax planning, management of money and more. For it, you have to pay $3,497.

AWOL elite

WOW! This course is the wow factor of the academy as it contains all courses along with a 2-hour webinar that held weekly and an ultra-exclusive mentoring. Both the head of the academy take part in the interactive sessions, and you can directly ask questions to them. They will advise on your business issue and how to tackle it. You will get any help in this course. However, this one is costly.

What do I like?

The tutorials and videos of the AWOL academy are in depth, and they guide you in every aspect of the internet marketing. The company is BBB accredited and has got A rating. The advanced marketers teach the course and not by the newbie so that you can rely on their advice and tips. Apart from this; there is an option of earning from referrals. Yes! You can earn 30% from referrals. All the courses are well taught, planned and executed.

An AWOL academy is the best platform, to begin with, internet marketing. You don’t have to learn through other videos on the internet; everything is just at the one place that gives high ROI.

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