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Top Countries By Mobile Internet Speed: Where Smartphone Users Surf the Fastest

A recent report reveals that the United Kingdom ranked 41st out of 88 countries around the world for 4G mobile internet service speeds, based on data from Open Signal. The speed of an average broadband download in the United Kingdom is below that of Mexico, Ireland, and Greece.

And significantly slower than some of the top countries in the world. With an average speed of 44.31 megabits per second (Mbps), Singapore managed to edge out South Korea to claim the top spot for the first time.

Netherlands and Norway were ranked second (42.12 Mbps) and third (40.44 Mbps) respectively. South Korea dropped to the fourth place.

With an average speed of 6.07 megabits per second (Mbps), India once again lies at the very bottom.

These are the countries where smartphone users surf the fastest: top countries by Mobile Internet Speed:

  1. Singapore (4G Speed:  44.31 Mbps)
  2. Netherlands (4G Speed:  42.12 Mbps)
  3. Norway (4G Speed: 41.20 Mbps)
  4. South Korea (4G Speed:  40.44 Mbps)
  5. Hungary (4G Speed:  39.18 Mbps)
  6. Belgium (4G Speed:  36.13 Mbps)
  7. Australia (4G Speed:  36.08 Mbps)
  8. New Zealand (4G Speed:  33.52 Mbps)
  9. Bulgaria (4G Speed:  33.34 Mbps)
  10. Denmark (4G Speed:  33.09 Mbps)
  11. Canada (4G Speed:  32.90 Mbps)
  12. Serbia (4G Speed:  32.22 Mbps)
  13. Croatia (4G Speed:  32.21 Mbps)
  14. Spain (4G Speed:  31.08 Mbps)
  15. Lithuania (4G Speed:  30.78 Mbps)
  16. Macedonia (4G Speed:  30.53 Mbps)
  17. Switzerland (4G Speed:  30.38 Mbps)
  18. Czech Republic (4G Speed:  30.31 Mbps)
  19. Luxembourg (4G Speed:  29.61 Mbps)
  20. Romania (4G Speed:  28.03 Mbps)
  21. Latvia (4G Speed:  27.82 Mbps)
  22. Sweden (4G Speed:  27.64 Mbps)
  23. United Arab Emirates (4G Speed:  27.47 Mbps)
  24. Greece (4G Speed:  27.39 Mbps)
  25. Austria (4G Speed:  26.91 Mbps)
  26. Slovenia (4G Speed:  16.31 Mbps)
  27. Taiwan (4G Speed:  26.69 Mbps)
  28. Finland (4G Speed:  26.62 Mbps)
  29. Slovakia (4G Speed:  26.58 Mbps)
  30. Lebanon (4G Speed:  25.96 Mbps)
  31. Albania (4G Speed:  2578 Mbps)
  32. Oman (4G Speed:  25.55 Mbps)
  33. Italy  (4G Speed:  25.49 Mbps)
  34. Japan (4G Speed:  25.39 Mbps)
  35. Estonia (4G Speed:  25.21 Mbps)
  36. France (4G Speed:  12.09 Mbps)
  37. Armenia (4G Speed:  24.08Mbps)
  38. Ireland (4G Speed:  23.90 Mbps)
  39. Mexico (4G Speed:  23.35 Mbps)
  40. Ecuador (4G Speed:  23.29 Mbps)
  41. United Kingdom (4G Speed:  23.11 Mbps)
  42. Portugal (4G Speed:  23.01 Mbps)
  43. Turkey (4G Speed:  22.78 Mbps)
  44. Germany (4G Speed:  22.67 Mbps)
  45. Qatar (4G Speed:  21.68 Mbps)
  46. Vietnam (4G Speed:  21.49 Mbps)
  47. Israel (4G Speed:  20.73 Mbps)
  48. Georgia (4G Speed:  20.70 Mbps)
  49. Dominican Republic (4G Speed:  20.50 Mbps)
  50. South Africa (4G Speed:  20.39 Mbps)
  51. Poland (4G Speed:  20.17 Mbps)
  52. Brazil (4G Speed:  19.67 Mbps)
  53. Guatemala (4G Speed:  18.86 Mbps)
  54. Colombia (4G Speed:  18.42 Mbps)
  55. Tunisia (4G Speed:  17.84 Mbps)
  56. Hong Kong (4G Speed:  17.73 Mbps)
  57. Brunei (4G Speed:  17.48 Mbps)
  58. Uruguay (4G Speed:  17.45 Mbps)
  59. Chile (4G Speed:  16.91 Mbps)
  60. Egypt (4G Speed:  16.68 Mbps)
  61. Peru (4G Speed:  16.54 Mbps)
  62. United States (4G Speed:  16.31 Mbps)
  63. Morocco (4G Speed:  15.80 Mbps)
  64. Kazakhstan (4G Speed:  15.80 Mbps)
  65. Russia (4G Speed:  15.77 Mbps)
  66. Bolivia (4G Speed:  15.74 Mbps)
  67. Myanmar (4G Speed:  15.56 Mbps)
  68. Kuwait (4G Speed:  15.34 Mbps)
  69. Côte d’Ivoire (4G Speed:  14.97 Mbps)
  70. Malaysia (4G Speed:  14.83 Mbps)
  71. El Salvador (4G Speed:  14.74 Mbps)
  72. Jordan (4G Speed:  14.05 Mbps)
  73. Belarus (4G Speed:  14.02 Mbps)
  74. Sri Lanka (4G Speed:  13.95 Mbps)
  75. Cambodia (4G Speed:  13.90 Mbps)
  76. Iran (4G Speed:  13.73 Mbps)
  77. Panama (4G Speed:  13.73 Mbps)
  78. Bahrain (4G Speed:  13.62 Mbps)
  79. Pakistan (4G Speed:  13.56 Mbps)
  80. Argentina (4G Speed:  12.53 Mbps)
  81. Paraguay (4G Speed:  11.31 Mbps)
  82. Costa Rica (4G Speed:  10.50 Mbps)
  83. Saudi Arabia (4G Speed:  10.18 Mbps)
  84. Thailand (4G Speed:  9.60 Mbps)
  85. Philippines (4G Speed:  9.49 Mbps)
  86. Indonesia (4G Speed:  8.92 Mbps)
  87. Algeria (4G Speed:  8.65 Mbps)
  88. India (4G Speed:  6.07 Mbps)

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