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First Venture: Learning Journey Of An Entrepreneur

What keeps you working late at night is your passion, what helps you sacrifice your social life is passion, what helps you set your hobbies aside is your passion, what enables you to keep your favorite pass time activities aside is passion.

Now, when you put so much aside, sacrifice so much for your dream, your passion, it means the entire world to you.

You put your heart and soul into something, and you want it to reach the peak which you visualized and worked hard for.

Being an entrepreneur, the first venture means your life to you. You have all the hopes of it, and you just can’t even imagine it to fail. It will break your heart and tear you apart.

For the newbies in the league of becoming an entrepreneur, putting all your efforts and god forbid if it is not fruitful don’t get disappointed. I know it is easier said than done. Your first venture is your learning journey, where you make mistakes, learn from them and get better.

Remember the time when you were a kid and trying to write Alphabets. Were you perfect writing them? No, right.

You made plenty of mistakes, practiced it thoroughly and then able to write it. Your first venture is probably like your play school, just a beginning to your long lasting, never ending the successful journey.

Don’t be afraid if you think you are too young to be an entrepreneur, and there is no perfect age to get started with. I am not saying your first venture will for sure be a failure and hence I am suggesting you tips on how to overcome that or never give up and stuff like that.

As it is always said, “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.” I am just preparing you for the worst. But, my hopes are for your best only. Your idea would be revolutionary, your planning will be picture perfect and your execution will be precise and your result will be record-breaking.

This is all you have thought for and l wish precisely this happens. While preparing for your first venture, you would come across a bulk of things which you have never done before in your life. You will be trained to tackle the unknown circumstances, overcome them and achieve what you want. Next time when you face those things, you know what the right thing to do is. Hence, it is said, your first venture is your learning journey.

A startup is not an easy thing to do, leaving the current settled down job aside, and risking a massive investment or it can be your life savings. You might have saved for the higher education of your kids or for buying your own home or for your kid’s wedding or maybe for your dream car.

Using that saving for your venture is a massive risk, but what’s the return without risk. An entrepreneur is meant to take a chance, keep an eye on the ongoing trends, use the latest technology, hire needed resources, plan the things of ahead of time, execute it efficiently, make efforts in marketing, take feedback and make changes according to the input.

Here are some of the entrepreneurial tips that will help you get success:

  • Stay firm on your decisions.
  • Mould your business strategies according to the changing time and circumstances.
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis of the idea you are thinking to pursue.
  • Create an active social profile and convert your startup into a brand on social media.

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