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Making the Most of a Slow Day: Ideas to Captivate Shoppers on Tough Seasons

Nearly all small companies undergo tough times or sometimes collapse.  It is not just because buyers are not into their products, but because clients are not aware that their merchandises exist.  Or perhaps the weather is just that bad that they want to stay indoors.

Bad weather likely makes shoppers stay inside their homes and stay warm. On those seasons when you have your store open for around a couple of hours without even a single customer walking through the entrance, how can you shift the momentum in your favor?

Along with other companies crying out for attention at the same time, how can you get the message out to pull shoppers? Instead of sitting around doing nothing, you may just need to consider these excellent ideas.

Initiate a Limited-time Sale

A surprise and a flash sale can capture the attention of shoppers in the door. Suggest a buy two and get one special, or 50 percent off everything in the shop or whatever method you think that makes sense for your company.

Also, try to provide a short lifespan of the sale, like for example, holding the sale from 9:00 to 12:00. A thought to ponder is that if the bad climate is the one keeping the shoppers away, then it is best to check the climate forecast first and set your sale around the time when the heavy rain or snow seems likely to lessen.

Another method for this is to post your sale on social media where shoppers are most likely active. Also, keep in mind to be quick in responding to the questions of interested individuals as well to have everything in your favor.

Stick out a Tempting Poster

Set a sign of your choosing promoting a limited offer outside your door to entice passing shoppers outside. On the other hand, if the climate is bad, then that is not possible, you can then try to keep a sale banner that you can place in your window as an alternative course.

Offer Light Refreshments

In a cold, rainy or snowy day, free hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and other refreshments can attract frozen customers to come by briefly and warm themselves up. When cold season starts, keep a supply of refreshments in your storeroom so you can offer treats for a brief period. You can also popularize them on the social media and through your other marketing schemes.

Realize the Benefit of the Customers who Come Into your Shop

Do not scare the shoppers away by being excessively eager because everyone recognizes the smell of desperation. Preferably, it is better to connect with your customers politely and helpfully.

Now is the chance to offer customers a few special service, such as recommending complementary goods that can go along with the merchandise that they are interested in, or explaining the benefits and downsides of particular items.

Provide Entertainment for Kids

Attract parents into your shop by rendering entertainment for their kids. Set up a small area in your shop with toys, books, and a play table. Assign an assistant to read tales to the children or play with them.

Meanwhile, grant the parents some good price cuts and the opportunity to get a rest from their children as they shop. You know how desperate the parents want to shop but they just can’t because they need to look after their kids. This method will help in establishing a distinctive trademark for your business.

Buy Furniture and Beautify your Store

Utilize the free time to take care of the essential tasks such as sweeping and cleaning the store. Maintain a sharp eye on your marketing aesthetics and ponder on how you can further improve it.

Purchase a few of the many gorgeous types of furniture in Black Mango and apply it to your store. You may come up with a few excellent concepts to help make your shop more tempting to every passerby.

Reward your Loyal Shoppers

Does your shop implement a loyalty rewards strategy? Excellent! Always let clients know you are granting twofold or threefold reward points in every shop. The extra motivation might be everything that they look for to get out of their homes and into your shop.


There is a likelihood you will encounter a slow day now and then, but it would be wise to know that the world of business is very competitive, and as a proprietor, you must have a strong dedication, motivation, and resilience to improve your store.

However, you do not have to make your store so elegant that it may intimidate potential shoppers. In the end, shoppers love the store that can offer them with great merchandises, excellent services, and homey atmosphere.

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