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How to Improve Memory and Concentration with These 10 Hacks

Concentration is linked with the ability to pay focus on an aspect of choice, when you choose to, and for as long as you desire to.

Memory is the ability to remember it all later, at will. Having a good memory and an excellent concentration are two traits many people desire to have.

Many people are at the average level, which is annoying. Why? You may ask, many times, the mind of an average person is all over the place, and their ability to remember is very poor.

Here is some good news; there are ways to help you be at your best. There are many ways to help you enhance your memory and concentration ability whenever you need to.

I bring you the ten most effective ways.

Your brain has it all. To get the most of it, you have to give it the best at preply.com/en/skype/statistics-tutors. Using the ten hacks as discussed below will not only help improve your memory and concentration but also help improve your productivity in life in general.

Top 10 Ways of Boosting Memory and Concentration

1. Eat right

The brain is entirely responsible for memory and concentration. This is a daunting task; as such the brain needs to be fed. This means that you do not just eat to feel full; it means that you have enough of what the brain needs. To be able to achieve this, you need to have generous amounts of fruits and vegetables. Supply your brain with foods and supplements that provide enough blood glucose for the energy required by the brain. Remember that the brain cells do not store energy; as such they need ready-to-use energy at disposal, all the time.Herbs and spices such as Tumeric are ideal for the health of the brain.

2. Give up serial-tasking

Many people call it multi-tasking. I call it serial tasking. There is no possible way of putting your concentration on two, three or so tasks; the best you can do is have your mind hovering back and forth over the different tasks. The reality is that the brain is not good at switching back and forth, though you may not notice it, the brain kind of stops first before starting on the next task. This means that it takes more time. The total amount of time taken while multitasking is a lot more than that taken while completing the same tasks, one after the other. Well, at least in many cases.

To improve your concentration, quit serial tasking; go for a single task and only start on the next one when you are done.

3. De-clutter

This is another way of enhancing your concentration and boosting your memory. According to a research on the brain MRI, the ability to concentrate is highly affected by the disorder and a jumbled up environment. A disorderly environment affects the brain’s ability to focus. You cannot have proper concentration when everything is everywhere. Organizing an environment will place you in a better mood, help you concentrate (by making you more attentive) and you stand better chances of remembering information much easier.

4. Take some coffee

Why coffee and not tea or cocoa? Coffee is a well-known source of healthy nutrients and anti-oxidants. The reports from multiple researchers indicate that coffee has caffeine which is a great concentration booster. Coffee also puts you in a better mood, enhances alertness, and awakens the memory.

Do not take coffee past 2pm, studies have shown that this can affect your sleep. We just want to enhance your memory and concentration, not to take away your sleep. Sleep is equally important when it comes to improving memory and concentration, which leads me to the next hack;

5. Take a short nap

Taking a short nap can go a long way in helping you regain your concentration and productivity. The best time to take a nap is any time between 1pm to 4pm. For effective results, the nap should be 10-30 minutes long. Reducing it to less than 10 minutes does not provide any notable results and prolonging it past 30 minutes will have you more tired than you were which is not good for someone trying to increase alertness.

Experts recommend a 20-minute nap in the afternoon, that it can help boost one’s focus and performance by up to 35%.

6. Listen to some relaxing music

Listen to some cool music whenever you feel overwhelmed. It will help calm down your brain and increase your attentiveness. Ensure that the lyrics are not distractive lest your focus deviates.

7. Get away from it all

The brain is not designed to focus on one item for too long. It, too, gets tired. So, what’s the cut? Whenever you feel like you are having a burn-out that is affecting your memory and concentration, take a break. It could be all you need. Getting a short distraction helps refresh it and enhance memory and concentration.

8. Avoid unnecessary distractions

It is stressful to try and concentrate when you have multiple distractions interfering with your peace every now and then. For instance, how do you focus on what a public speaker has to say when your phone is beeping every now and then with multiple alerts from Facebook, short messages, Instagram and so on? Distractions are important but you do not need to have them taking your cool.

9. Exercise

Exercising helps produce neurotrophic proteins which are essential for learning. Researchers say that these factors also help one stay focused and more attentive. There’s also a touch of vibrancy that comes with regular exercises.

10. Go out, in good company

Generally, people with an active social life have less mental issues. By nature, human beings are social animals and being close to other humans beings not only provides emotional relief but also contributes to the much-needed brain health. A healthy brain is equal to enhanced memory and an impeccable concentration.

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