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Benefits of On-Premise Help Desk for Your Business

Help desk software is convenient and easy to use for up-and-coming businesses and startups.

Especially for companies that are just going through their baby steps in adjusting to a myriad of factors such as company expansion, branching outlets, and customer service. However, if you’re a much older business, it would be better for you to have a separate local on-premise help desk software for many reasons.

Here are a few things to consider regarding local server help desk software.

Local Security

Accessibility is all the rage these days. If software or a program is not portable, it’s viewed as a flaw of the product. However, paying for online security can be troublesome for more data sensitive companies.

In one of the bigger leaks that occurred earlier in the decade, hackers were able to release to the public-private projects and information from Sony which led to it doubting the success of their projects and eventually facing a major digital security issue. If you’re already using help desk software, check if it has a local server extension. Certain help desk software, like SysAid’s help desk, allows you to download a local and a cloud version of their software.

Shared space

If your business is booming, chances are, you’re no longer working from home or have already established a branch for your base of operations. Having a geographically separate space from your home and work gives you more reassurance regarding having a local server help desk. And as with real estate: “location, location, location” is a solution to your safety concerns of security.

Having hired security personnel and surveillance around the area or complex that you have is a benefit that you get from having an actual physical office.  All your business files and memos are located and secured, allowing you, and other business owners in the vicinity, a sense of safety in terms of safeguarding your company’s files.

Cultivating a workspace

Research has shown that having a mindset to go to work has implications regarding work attitude, motivation, and overall performance. As a company owner, your presence around employees is a motivator and a reassurance that they are watched and monitored. Help desk software can, of course, be accessed at home but nothing beats seeing your boss a few feet from your own cubicle. With the added functions of the software enabling you to monitor messages and on-going calls, it’s much more practical and easier to approach your employees in person with regards to strategizing and readjusting customer service calls and external business interactions. A good work environment leads to healthy interactions both online and in real life.

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