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The World’s 6 Most Well-Governed Countries. Denmark, New Zealand, Canada, And Japan Tops 2018 BBC Ranking

It turns out, Scandinavia’s southernmost nation Denmark is the most well-governed country on Earth, according to a new analysis by the BBC. Regrettably, the United States is not to be found on this list…

Denmark’s national parliament is called the Folketing, which translates as “the people’s thing.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, New Zealand, the island nation in the Pacific Ocean ranked number 2 on the list, followed by Canada (No. 3), Japan (No. 4), Chile (No. 5), and Botswana (No. 6).

A massive study that ranks the world’s most well-governed countries looked at data from the studies of various global organizations that try to measure how strictly a state adheres to the rule of law; how much trust its government inspires in its citizens; and how much social progress is in evidence.

Scroll down to discover the six most well-governed countries safest countries on the planet.

The 6 Best-Governed Countries In The World:

  1. Denmark – The Nordic island nation tops the 2018 BBC ranking.

  2. New Zealand – At number two, New Zealand has generous policies that support single parents, children, students, and seniors.

  3. Canada — The country in the northern half of North America makes a list, while its neighbor the United States does not. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau currently leads Canada.

  4. Japan — the only Asian country to make it into top 6 most well-governed nations in the world. It functions under a constitutional monarchy where the Emperor serves mainly ceremonial duties.

  5. Chile – although it went through some serious political turmoil in decades past – now has “one of South America’s most stable and corruption-free governments.” It has affordable health care, high-quality infrastructure, and it’s easy for foreigners to purchase property or start businesses there.

  6. Botswana – located in the heart of southern Africa, the country brings in significant revenues from diamond mining, the BBC said, and instead of benefiting only a wealthy elite, that money “has been fairly well distributed throughout the country.” I never really knew this about Botswana, so now I’m intrigued and look forward to visiting one day.

Which countries have you visited that you wished you lived in?

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