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Ranking America’s Best Cities For STEM Professionals In 2018

Seattle, Washington

Seattle has been rated as the best city in the United States for workers pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering; and math, according to Walltehub. Seattle took the second spot for “STEM job opportunities,” 15th spot for it’s “quality of life,” and came in 4th for its “STEM friendliness.”

STEM jobs — science, technology, engineering, and math — are some of the most desirable in the U.S. Where’s the best city in America for STEM professionals?

Boston, MA grabbed the No. 2 overall spot in the ranking while Pittsburgh came in at No. 3, followed by Austin, Minneapolis, Madison, Salt Lake City, Springfield, Chicago, and Atlanta.

Thanks to the unique minds of scientists, engineers, and innovators, the United States ranks number 2 on the list of the 50 most innovative countries in the world and 10th best country in the world for business.

To determine the best markets for STEM Professionals, the website compared the 100 biggest metro areas in the U.S. across 17 key metrics, ranging from per-capita job openings for STEM graduates to annual median wage growth for STEM employees.

America’s Best Cities For STEM Professionals In 2018:

RankCitySTEM Job opportunities rankSTEM Friendliness rankQuality of life rank
1Seattle, WA2415
2Boston, MA7143
3Pittsburgh, PA12119
4Austin, TX6827
5Minneapolis, MN19617
6Madison, WI131613
7Salt Lake City, UT91418
8Springfield, MA3627
9Chicago, IL49138
10Atlanta, GA52731
11Cincinnati, OH163314
12San Francisco, CA3767
13Columbus, OH332121
14Denver, CO102437
15San Diego, CA592316
16Sacramento, CA442025
17Colorado Springs, CO175420
18Worcester, MA43365
19Richmond, VA83244
20San Jose, CA181853
21Houston, TX411240
22Raleigh, NC46738
23St. Louis, MO114345
24Hartford, CT232512
25Dayton, OH29341
26Grand Rapids, MI144434
27Orlando, FL246529
28Tucson, AZ573530
29Portland, OR316432
30Boise, ID467511
31Omaha, NE407419
32Washington, DC18466
33Phoenix, AZ623136
34Albany, NY223823
35Los Angeles, CA83569
36Spokane, WA641748
37Charlotte, NC216741
38Tampa, FL267233
39Rochester, NY353747
40Dallas, TX302273
41Philadelphia, PA631562
42New York, NY48976
43Harrisburg, PA156224
44Syracuse, NY37483
45Ogden, UT423910
46Allentown, PA543028
47Albuquerque, NM584157
48Provo, UT532935
49Knoxville, TN286652
50Buffalo, NY784546
51New Haven, CT801951
52San Antonio, TX555153
53Des Moines, IA567922
54Cleveland, OH522678
55Baltimore, MD251097
56Greenville, SC27736
57Kansas City, MO348050
58Virginia Beach, VA604070
59Nashville, TN505564
60Columbia, SC328526
61Milwaukee, WI674961
62Bakersfield, CA725655
63Oklahoma City, OK737739
64Indianapolis, IN474282
65Detroit, MI383689
66Youngstown, OH76602
67Charleston, SC209542
68Providence, RI744771
69Tulsa, OK668256
70Scranton, PA77624
71Louisville, KY708163
72Palm Bay, FL39875
73Winston, NC456783
74Akron, OH864674
75El Paso, TX965168
76Bridgeport, CT795081
77Jacksonville, FL718772
78Greensboro, NC826780
79Wichita, KS877179
80Miami, FL517890
81New Orleans, LA859660
82Honolulu, HI899758
83Riverside, CA942895
84Las Vegas, NV759959
85Augusta, GA658388
86Baton Rouge, LA819277
87Fresno, CA985684
88Chattanooga, TN619387
89Toledo, OH936092
90Birmingham, AL699486
91Stockton, CA995685
92Oxnard, CA8856100
93McAllen, TX1005149
94Lakeland, FL848775
95Deltona, FL917694
96Little Rock, AR679891
97Cape Coral, FL978793
98Memphis, TN958698
99North Port, FL928796
100Jackson, MS9010099

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