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What Are the Hurdles Business Executives Face During Their Trip for Multi-Regions?

If you are planning to expand your business to foreign countries then remember, it is not that simple. I am a business executive and frequently travel to multi-regions and I know the hurdles I face. When you travel to a new country for business purpose, it is obliging to expect what it is going to be like. Or else, you can come up with a case of traditions shock which will mentally paralyze you until you are on the plane ride back to your home.

I know hurdles come and go (if we have that much power to overcome) but do you know why should surmount barriers?

A great part of an efficient mission trip is espousal the culture and community as they are. In case you are taken back and totally “surprised” by the smells, food, language and customs, you will be less possible to hold the people and their culture.

Here I am sharing common hurdles to overcome when you are visiting a new country…


The very first thing you normally notice when you come out of a plane in a new place is the smell. You can say, it is very similar when we visit a friend’s home and noticed that their home has a different smell. Well, different countries have different smells too. It is particularly true if you are visiting a rising nation. Smells are normally a mixture of body odor (some cultures don’t use scents or deodorant), vehicle exhaust and smog.

In case you get ready yourself for that kind of smell, you will stay away from walking around with a “smell horrible face” the whole time you are abroad.


Without doubt, you will see some things on your business trip that you have never noticed before. Wonderful scenery, left-hand driving, and deficiency are normally what people noticed the most.

In case you are visiting an indigent area, you can see some things that you were not expecting.

If we see deficiency, we are attracted to look at it like it is a film and we are just casual observer. We are attracted to just snap some images and keep on moving. That is the paralyzing element of society shock that you have to ignore.

In case you look forward to the poverty, then it would not blindside you. So, you would not freeze up and you will be possible to respond by embracing and loving the community.


The entire world does not speak in English. We understand this, but we hardly ever anticipate how tough it would be to relate and connect with a person that we can’t verbally talk with.

Chatting and talking is simple for us, as we already do it. In case one does not speak in English, though, we hit a hurdle. Staying away from this indicates moving away of our comfort region. It indicates that we must maximize other methods of communication, like physical interaction and facial expressions. It will be difficult for some, as if comes to me then I am a shy person, so it was actually tough for me.

Communication Style

Business persons from different regions can face more than a few barriers to efficient communication besides clear differences of language. The usual speed of business discussions can be different. Sometimes Americans wish to quick discussions along, whereas in some countries importance is placed on making connections before a business deal is badly considered. Business executives from any other regions may put a higher worth on things like facial expression in its place of just the words which are being whispered.


In my personal opinion, it is one of the main hurdles. How does the public dress? What are worship services like? Why is everybody welcoming each other with a kiss? Possibilities are, the group of people you are visiting does life in a different way from you. These traditions are what make a society really special.

Often, there is a tension (a hurdle) between just noticing the customs of community and taking part in the customs of community.

One of the possible places I have felt this nervousness is throughout African church services. Usually, services comprise a lot of jumping and dancing around, and as an ashen white man, I have felt inappropriate on some occasions. Also when I have been buoyant by the locals to take part, my inclination was to stand in the back side and just notice their jumping and dancing. Was I attaching with and espousal the group of people? No, it is not correct. There is a great dissimilarity between being available and being a contributor.

Attaching with the group of people happens when you are a participant, not a viewer. In case you look forward to and get ready for some of the customs, you will be more possible to engage and be a contributor.


In case you visit home of a friend for lunch or dinner, you will never make excitement of the food or decline to eat just because the food did not meet with your standards. Do you know why? It is just because, your friend put some of their valuable time, energy and money into getting ready that meal for you.

It should not be any special when we are abroad.

The foods you eat out of the country are going to be very special from the food you are used to at your own home. In case you want to make enjoyment of it or even decline to eat it, you could not just upset the person that organized it, but even any locals that are around throughout your meal. Making enjoyment of the food makes a barrier in between locals and you. In case you await the food and some of the foodstuffs in advance, you will be possible to respond to the food with a good manner.

It is confirm that there are diverse culture, different languages, food and all, when you will visit a new country. As a tourist or business traveler, you must be ready to face these challenges and ready to overcome too.

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