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Why UI and UX are Essentials of Mobile App Development?

The current generation is ubiquitously accessing mobile tech and falling for the e-commerce and m-commerce which places having a mobile app top in the priority list.

In today’s time, there’s an app for almost everything, Facebook makes you happy, Instagram makes you beautiful, twitter makes you witty and the list goes on.

To turn you in all that you want to be, mobile application development companies put their best feet forward. Well, on several occasion, they fall right on their face with stroppy download figures. Ever faff about the mechanism behind it? Bad UI and UX can throw a spanner in the work. For a mobile app, UI and UX can be compared with the ice cream, if the look, color, and texture are not good, you won’t like to taste it either. Well, both of them looks like twins but have a thin line of differentiation that most people don’t understand.

UX stands for user experience dealing with the core functions of enhancing usability, app accessibility, and functionality. On the other hand, UI stands for the user interface having core elements of ravishing design and smooth interaction of the app with the user.

What’s UX?

Was the app navigation comfortable? Do you feel confused or lost while using a mobile app? How do you know, which option to go to and where to click? This is what you call UX of a mobile app. If you don’t have to ponder on all these issues, bang you have a superb UX designer and an UX friendly app.

What’s UI?

Recall your last app used…..Did you find the color scheme attractive and more importantly in flow? Was there any duplicity in the design and pattern or was it innovative? Was the interface and typography in flow? This is all that you call UI of an app. If all of the above answers are affirmative then you have a standard UI and brilliant UI developer.

UX makes your app useful whereas UI works for making it look beautiful. UX is primary function whereas UI is the not secondary but let’s say sub primary one. Now that you know the bifurcation of UX and UI, let’s dive in to know the core elements that make UX and UI so much important for mobile apps.

  • Agility

Extreme time-consuming UI and UX is a huge roadblock degrading your number of users. If the screen of your app takes long to load then you can upgrade the UI by notifying users about the reason of delay.

  • Flow

UX and UI of your app should be consistent and in the flow to easily know the usage patterns.

  • Certain

For giving a remarkable UI and UX experience to the user, the certainty of every element is must whether it be images or the language or the functionality process. It’s blatant that manual add-on for app operation should be a drawback.

  • Avoid ads

A messed up user interface, in-depth navigation and another addition of add popping up….it’s like way too much patience for the furious human brain. The user will be driven up the wall and leave on the spot to never return to such clutter. Make sure your UI and UX are devoid of these issues.

  • Irrelevant content

When the user asks information of specific type, they want right away response of the same without any hindrance. If the user is seeking for information on cheapest flights, inserting the content of top restaurants around them is nothing but a huge dumbfound.

Pratik Kanada
Pratik Kanada is the founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a leading Mobile app development company which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and app development services across IOS and Android platforms.
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