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The Top 25 Safest Cities In The United States: Report

Greenwich, CT has been ranked as the safest city the United States, according to the website Safehome, thanks to the town’s low crime rate and ratio of police per residents.

Greenwich, with a population of 62,942 and a citizen-to-officer ratio of 351, came in No. 1 for its low rate of violent crimes at 11 and property crimes at 403.

Other cities in the top ten, including Parsippany, NJ (No. 2); Weston, FL (No. 3); Ramapo, NY (No. 4); Middetown Township, NJ (No. 5); Rochester Hills, MI (No. 6); Yorba Linda, CA (No. 7); Piscataway, NJ (No. 8); Wheaton, IL (No. 9); and Flower Mound, TX (No. 10).

The study, which lists 101 safest cities the United States based on a population of at least 50,000 – uses a mix of reports and sources to calculate its rankings, including city’s crime trends, demographics, education level, FBI reports, income level, law officer ratio, populations, and unemployment level.

The Top 25 Safest Cities In The United States

  1. Greenwich, CT
  2. Parsippany, NJ
  3. Weston, FL
  4. Ramapo, NY
  5. Middetown Township, NJ
  6. Rochester Hills, MI
  7. Yorba Linda, CA
  8. Piscataway, NJ
  9. Wheaton, IL
  10. Flower Mound, TX
  11. Jackson Township, NJ
  12. West Bloomfield Township, MI
  13. Aliso Viejo, CA
  14. Palatine, IL
  15. Hoffman Estates, IL
  16. Newton, MA
  17. Arlington Heights, IL
  18. Laguna Niguel, CA
  19. Howell Township, NJ
  20. Mission Viejo, CA
  21. Plymouth, MA
  22. Mount Prospect, IL
  23. North Bergen Township, NJ
  24. Bayonne, NJ
  25. Lake Forest, CA

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