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How Mobile Technology Has Improved Learning Process

Mobile technology already has great impact on different areas of life and education is not an exception. Top app development companies have been churning out different educational apps and these apps seem to attract kids more than books.

It is believed among the top app development companies that when kids study on their mobile devices, they usually see it as fun. They don’t think they are studying. Rather, they think they are playing a game. This has become necessary as a lot kids find books quite boring. Several Indian app developers prefer to develop kids’ educational apps because these apps offer the benefits that have been outlined below.

It is interactive

Top app development companies usually make educational apps highly interactive and this heightens the fun therein. Kids love to answer questions and get immediate response based on their answer unlike books that cannot respond. When they respond to questions on their books, they can only get response from their teachers.

This is why top app development companies make these apps as interactive and engaging as possible. For instance, a kid who needs to be pushed to do his book based homework will gladly and willingly do any app based homework without any push.

It is entertaining

Any activity done on a mobile device is fun for kids. This is why they prefer to study through their mobile device. Top app development companies take advantage of this by making the apps as entertaining as possible. Have you observed that your kid finds it more interesting to be taught by an app based virtual teacher than a human teacher?

When they are listening to virtual teachers, they seem to be watching a movie but having to listen to human teacher in the classroom is boring. Some people say it is because teachers only teach in the four walls of the classroom and that is what kids don’t like.

The truth is some lessons gradually transform to games easily and some assignments are embedded in games. For instance, the final step to clear a particular level of a game may be to solve a sum. After clearing the level, kids have to solve the sum before moving to the next level of the game. Of course, they will be too eager to solve the sum and move to the next level.

24/7 availability

Another great benefit is that mobile applications are available round the clock while school is not. With education apps, your kid can learn on the go and in any location. One thing with kids is that they like to receive answers to their question immediately. And you can always refer them to their apps.

With their apps, they get to decide when and where they want to learn. All they need to do is to reach out to their app. This is why virtually all the apps offer child-friendly control and simplicity. They can navigate their way through with little or no assistance.

Best use of their time

Kids usually have a lot of leisure hours, especially when they are on holiday. Parents used to have problems on how to prevent their kids from playing too much and to keep them from being idle as an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. This is no longer a problem with several educational and entertaining apps. They now engage themselves with their apps.


Apps do not require paper like books. So, the advent of educational apps has led to a drastic reduction in book production and sales and this in turn, has also led to a reduction in the felling of trees. It is believed that as more educational apps are launched, fewer trees will be cut down. This promotes eco-friendliness as trees contribute a lot to the ecosystem. In a nutshell, apps make the world go greener.

It promotes systematic learning

Apart from the fact that educational apps enhance the craving for learning, it also makes for systematic learning. Most apps are designed in such a way that higher levels study will only unlock when kids are through with the lower levels. The best part is that the kids don’t even realize that their study has been arranged in a systematic order. They just go with the flow.


With these apps, learning will no longer be confined to only the classrooms. The devices are portable enough for them to study anywhere. They can study in the car, at home, while on their bed, and even at the porch.

Others can benefit too

Although this article has been focusing on kids’ educational apps, there are educational apps for adults too. In fact, there are educational apps for different fields. For instance, there is Wikipedia app for research. Even teachers can benefit from apps too. There are apps designed for teachers too.


Educational apps only require mobile data for updates but traditional learning requires text books, note books, pencils, pens, and even space to keep the books. In the long run, you will realize that traditional learning will gulp much more funds than learning through apps.

Convenient updates

Updates in books do not come often and after each update, you may need to buy the updated version while the older version becomes useless. This is not the case with apps where an update is added to the existing version.

All that you need is storage space and mobile data and you will be able to download the update. When a particular book has been updated, you may not be aware and old versions may still be available in the market. This means that you can still buy the old version if you are not aware of the update. On the other hand, all the users of a particular app are notified when an update is available. Whenever anyone wants to download any app, he gets to download the most updated version.

In conclusion, there are several other benefits of educational apps that were not mentioned above and more benefits will continue to emerge since educational app development companies will continue to improve. In summary, mobile technology has revolutionized learning process, especially for kids.

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