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4 Disruptive Marketing Hacks for Entrepreneurs

A strong faith in a unique business idea cannot suffice the purpose for you.

A successful entrepreneurship asks for disruptive ideas executed with unconventional marketing strategies – an innovative vision of doing more with less but by doing it right.

Though most of the entrepreneurs feel cost-strapped running on timing issues and face tough competition-blows; they can entice long-termed prospects if they find the right marketing proposition for their brand. Below I have summed-up four practical marketing hacks to make successful moves for your business!

Before you Begin – Define your Goals and Audience

You might own an outstanding business idea and a strong passion for executing the same but if you lack a clear vision of the goals for which you have started it; you indeed can reach nowhere. Also, being an entrepreneur, the ‘to-do’ list is long and time is always less. And thus it becomes imperative to target the best-fits.

So, begin with creating a systematic framework of the short and long-termed goals for your business and then move towards defining your right audience. Before launching a product or delivering an idea, ensure that the audience to which you are interacting is suiting the goals or not. And then:

  • Research on the digital marketing channels best suited to your audience
  • Know their behavior on these channels

Once you have delineated the goals and the specific audience, commence with these pieces of advice:

1. Leverage Behavioral Psychology

As per The Deloitte Millennial Survey, ‘76% of millennials view business as a force for positive social impact’ but ‘they expect more’ from them.

Today, individuals are more likely to trust a brand or invest in it if it offers them a personal or social value – if it makes them feel a part of some positive social impact. Millennials Prefer Companies That Give to Charity (Fortune)

Entrepreneurs can benefit from this behavioral psychology of the customers.

They begin everything straight from scratch and, thus it becomes neck-stiffening for them to win the trust of individuals in an unknown brand. But giving them a reason that offers to them an emotional value can give you a direct opportunity to connect with them.

2. Social Media as Customer Service Platform

An active social media presence can toss the game in your favor. The startup like Airbnb is an excellent example of winning customers with a precise social media strategy.

As an entrepreneur, you might run short on an efficient network and desired resources. Social media can become a massive platform for interacting with buyers, collecting feedbacks and creating long termed relationships with clients.

Before you begin working on your social media profiles, determine the most suitable social media strategy for your brand. Define which social channel can take you to your clients and use it as a customer service platform. You can also recruit a passionate individual or a team to look after your followers, to notify them about the ‘new’ of your brand, and to stay in touch with them. These steps can not only help you reach your potential clients but also can cut down the stress of time shortage and cash-flow.

3. Storytelling through Visual content

Human brain process visuals 60,000 times faster than text (HubSpot)

And this might be the reason that more than 2 million videos are uploaded on the web each day. Be it business-to-business or business-to-customer marketing, visuals, especially videos appeal more to the readers and thus are viewed and shared more than text.

Instagram, ranked as the fourth most popular social networking site, is one brilliant example of the efficacy of visual content.

Entrepreneurs can leverage most out of it. Before launching a product or campaigning about a service, invest in qualitative and creative content. Come up with tutorials or videos displaying the exact value the product can make to the clients or investors. Create a buzz about your brand with these visuals. Let people know about you, and it will be easy for them to give your new brand a chance to win their trust.

4. Word of Mouth Marketing

What can be more credible than the advertising of your brand by a person who availed your services or invested in your business?

Word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) or word-of-mouth advertising is all about the fact that ‘one happy customer is a door of many new ones’!

As entrepreneurs come-up with new and unknown brand names; it becomes difficult for them to replace those established ones on the lists of their potential buyers. But, if you offer your clients exceptional value and customer service through digital marketing, you can generate word-of-mouth which will bring you more quality leads:

  • Don’t make false promises about your services – that will help you in the long run.
  • Apart from services, give your customers something new to engage with you – some viable inside-facts, stories about the evolving of your business or some fun facts about your teams.
  • Give them satisfactory options to interact with you
  • Respond back with appropriate replies.

Remember, your Purpose is to ‘Sell’

You turned as an entrepreneur to bring in reform concerning your personal and social status quo. ‘Selling’ comes as the core. Regardless of the fact that whether you come from a pure sales background or not; there is no substitute for selling. Also, only a great idea cannot work if you lack expertise in selling the way that can appeal most to your potential clients.

Hence, focus on ‘How to sell?’ Be clear with the relevancy of methods that you are looking to use – traditional or online. The one major factor that remains equally important is the necessity of building a loyal brand following before launching a product. This can be done by delivering informative content in the form of educative blogs, relevant infographics, or visual aids. As selling for an entrepreneur is all about the launch, a proper structure has to be prepared before moving towards the real selling.

Being an entrepreneur, marketing takes a lot. Finding the perfect audience and turning them to be the long-termed clients of your new brand is the toughest task. But, choosing the right moves with planned strategy can win them as life-long advocates of your business.

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