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5 Tips To Rule Out Bad Developers For Your Startup Project

Imagine, you’ve got a great idea.

A SaaS product, mobile app, web or anything else under the umbrella of technology.

And you are ready to invest your savings to fund the product of your dreams.

The very next thing you will need is – a developer; who can turn your idea into reality.

Not to mention you are all pumped to take the product to the market as soon as possible.

Everything sounds perfect. Isn’t it?

But wait, you need developers! Which means, other guys to build your product. That’s where the real hustle starts.

If you have an HR friend, ask him/her. Is recruitment a daunting task? You will get the answer.

And when it comes to hiring for the first time – it’s a painstaking project in itself.

Here are my five tips to hire the right developers for your startup or bootstrap project.

1) New Developers Comes Cheap, But Aren’t Always The Best Choice

Most of the time new developers don’t have a portfolio to lure you.

Because of which they usually start with lower rates to gain some quick work, experience, exposure and build a portfolio eventually.

But they are not the best choice always. Since you can’t predict their expertise, you can’t predict the quality of your project as well.

I’m not opposed to hiring novice developers. But for a startup which is in its nascent stage and funded by your mere savings need some expert hands; at least for the core development.

So, see if they have done a similar project before.

Do they know a thing or two about other supportive languages that your project might need in future?

2) You Will Get What You Pay For

You have a limited budget, but it doesn’t mean you need the cheapest developers to build your SaaS or web app product.

Don’t finalize your decision considering the price alone.

You might have heard this phrase before – “You get what you pay for”.

So let their previous work and its quality decide the price for the project.

3) Your Startup Can’t Afford the Developers from Mars

Clear communication between teams lays a strong foundation for growth.

You can’t communicate your idea to your developers with a dictionary in hand. So I always advise looking for local developers first who speaks and understands your native language. Here’s why I’m constraining to prefer nearshore outsourcing over the offshore development.

4) Multitaskers Could Hurt Your Project Rather Than Good

There are some development agencies and solo developers who take multiple projects at a time and get super busy all the time.

Since they also hold a strong portfolio to flaunt, some jam-packed offices at prime locations, boastful busy schedules. All which comes at a premium price tag.

But let me tell you, “all that glitters isn’t gold, I know you’ve heard that story told”.

Don’t get fantasized by their so-called “5-star” ratings.

In fact what you can do is ask them about their availability, If they are available to deliver the project within your prespecified time or not.

5) Find Humble and Gutsy Fellows

I know you are not going to marry your developer. But keep this thing in mind – you are going to hire your technology partner who will be responsible for taking care of the core development of your upcoming product.

Notice if they are listening to your idea with concern, putting their inputs to make the product even better, showing any interest towards your project. Or are they just the passive listeners who always say “Yes” to whatever you ask them to do.

They should have the guts to contradict on a conflicting feature of your product. In fact, you can test them with this tip by asking them to include some silly but imaginable feature in the product. And see how they respond to your demand.

Hiring the right developers is a tough task especially for the non-techie entrepreneurs. But with some alertness, you can find the right soul mate for your startup.

Written by: Azman Nabi is the Growth Marketing Manager at Webisoft, and has more than 4 years of online marketing experience in startups. A marketer by day and a learner by night. He is passionate about growing internet businesses with his inbound marketing skills.

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