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Crafting Your Content Marketing Road Map: From Finding A Topic To Promotion [Infographic]

Creating a stream of content, especially good quality one can sometimes turn into a nightmare. And no, we’re not just only talking about writer’s block here. At times, it can just be hard to produce content for topics you’re not really a fan of. And it’s not only you. Sure, things may work for a while, but the inescapable truth is that, at some point, you’ll find yourself struggling with finding topics both you and your audience will like

We’re not here to offer some „gurus“ formula that will help you produce the best possible content every time. There’s no one single method that will work for everyone. Instead, we’re here to offer advice on how to deal with the roadblocks and get you right back on track with producing the content that will have quality and will get shared – backed by experience.

In the end, you want to make the most out of any idea you get, produce quality, acquire new audiences. It will all serve as a generator for fresh, new ideas for the future. This great infographic from Point Visible is a perfect pocket tool to get yourself inspired to create and cover all areas in the process.

But first, let us talk some more.

Topic that hits the spot

When it comes to content writing problems, writer’s block is a fairly covered topic. Finding the right topic to write about is whole other set of troubles.

Finding the proper idea isn’t actually that hard a task, you just have to know where to look. We believe that writing for writing sake is the single greatest mistake a writer can do, yet many content creators do it anyways. It’s the first step to doom.

The idea is to take a breather and start listening to your readership. Those voices in your head are sometimes creating good topics, yet is it really something your audience wishes to read? There’ll be a time and place for that idea as well, and it’s perfectly fine to jot it down. Now, get out there and start looking for the inspiration in the outer world.

Just be brave and ask them what they wish you to cover next time. It’s so simple, yet very few people do it. Your audience will be more than happy to tell you where their troubles lie. Other great sources include reading journals, forums and even talking to people that fit the profile of your audience. Actively engaging with them and placing yourself „in their shoes“ can do wonders for that stream to start flowing.

Time To Create

Now that you’ve generated some brilliant ideas, it’s time to pick the best one for your audience and decide on the content type that best suits the idea. No matter what you choose (video, article, infographic), it’s always a good idea to incorporate one other form of content. Providing extra explanation and adding more value will come a long way.


There are just lots of ways you can go. Be creative and play. Your content is the mirror image of yourself and it will be hiding all of the influences, emotions and your state at the time of creation. So, don’t hurry and rush into publishing just yet. Take yourself away from it, then get back and work on it some more.

Taking a breather will bring you back positive, with fresh ideas on certain details and you’ll make sure that your very best is incorporated into your content and that you have every angle covered.

Everyone will tell you to edit, edit and edit some more. And it’s not  for nothing. Editing is a key element of everything you create.

And now, edit some more. But this time get technical. Be on the lookout for small errors, details and adjust your SEO parameters. This will ensure the piece is both readable and shareable. Check the tools that can help (mentioned in the infographic).

Always try to get a second opinion from your colleagues and friends familiar with the topic. Fresh pair of eyes come in handy! And don’t forget to pay special attention to that headline, the cornerstone and an attention grabber that will leave your readers wanting more.

Time To Promote

Get that bad boy out there! The process of creating a quality piece of content doesn’t end once you’ve created it.  No matter how good it is, it just isn’t worth anything if it gets no reads. But even promotion requires picking the best strategy and choosing the right channels.

Linking back to an article that inspired you from your influencers and other publications not only helps to maintain good relations but adds to the value. Engaging your followers on social media will generate shares, so don’t be afraid to post that piece on your profile. Make sure you do it more than once, play with titles and schedule different times.

And there are a plethora of other ways to promote that content. Be it via your email list, community forums, content sharing sites, using lead magnets or any other way, just let that golden piece get some mileage.

For more bits and pieces on how to go through great content process creation check out the infographic below.

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