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9 Things Every High School Senior Needs To Know Before Joining College

You are young; you have dreams and the energy to fulfil them. Your high school experience was a fantastic one, and now you are gearing up to the most of your college experience. The excitement is inevitable.

But, wait!

There’s a lot that you need to know before you pass out of your high school. Prepare to embark on your college learning journey by understanding these things first. Let’s take a look at some of the practical advice you must know about before starting your college.

Find out what you want to do in your life

Every person has a passion. There’s something in everyone that they excel at. Find out what is it that you do well and if you can make a career in it or not. Let’s say, if you dance well, then consider making a career as a choreographer, or if you have interest in engineering then go in that field. It’s all about finding what you want to do in your life and then anchoring your career accordingly. 

Prepare for your academic career in advance

Once you have found your life goals, the next thing you must do is to plan your courses in accordance to your choice of career. You will always have a chance to change your majors in upcoming semesters, but you need to decide on the courses you want to pursue to have an emotionally and financially rewarding career.

Know your college rules before packing your stuff

Almost every college has a list of things that are approved to be taken along with you. Know the instructions laid down by your chosen college and pack your stuff accordingly to avoid disappointments later on.

You should know how to cook good food or where to get it from

No student can ever excel at studies without eating good food. So, either learn how to cook some good food or find some excellent places that offer the same. Do your research in advance as you would not want to starve yourself on your first day of college.

Your initial experience of college may not be that good

Initially, you might find the college life a bit intimidating or different from you might have pictured. You may have to attend boring, lengthy lectures and may end up having differences of opinions with other classmates. Remember that this is just a phase. Everybody goes through some difficulties when embracing change. You aren’t an exception. Just be glad that you are in college and be positive for what’s about to come.

Don’t set high expectations of your first roommate

You won’t have much of a choice when it comes to living with a roommate in your first semester of college. While you might find a great friend in the form of your first roommate, there are equal chances of that not happening. So, be realistic and don’t set too high expectations from your first roommate.

You must learn not to take things personally

Before you even begin applying for colleges, invest some time in learning how not to take things personally. Living away from your friends and family among new people may get tough at times, but believe in yourself and your passion. Remember that what you do at your college is much more important than taking things to heart. 

You can score good grades while having fun too

There is a misconception that you can’t really score well if you have fun at college, but the reality is that you can – all that’s needed is to strike the right balance. Create a routine where enough time is included for studying and allow some good time for fun and recreational activities too. Learn the art of time management, and you will be able to enjoy your college life while being an excellent student at the same time.

You will be trained for life

What a lot of people fail to tell you is that your college experience will prepare you to take up any challenge in your life. From getting up in the morning on your own to managing all your chores, you will learn it all. You will learn to be independent and will be trained for life.

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