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These are the 100 smartest cities the world, 2017

The Danish capital Copenhagen is pretty smart. It might even be the “smartest city” in the world, according to a new ranking released by EasyPark app… But just in case you’re curious:

Copenhagen beat out Singapore (No. 2) and Sweden’s capital, Stockholm (No. 3) for the “smartest city” honor.

Don’t feel too bad Zurich (No. 4), Boston (No. 5) or Tokyo (No. 6) — New York City and Washington D.C. lagged further behind holding the 24th and 28th spots, respectively.

Well, that should make us all feel a little better.

Only 2 Indian cities have ranked among the 100 smartest in the world, New Delhi took the highest rank for an Indian city, scoring 90th overall, with Mumbai coming in at number 93 on the list.

Riyadh in Saudi Arabia ranked 99th and Mexico City ranked 100.

Defining “SMART CITY” in a “TECHNOLOGOCAL” rather than “INTELLIGENCE” sense, EasyPark ranked 100 cities around the world based on 19 different factors, from business ecosystem, car sharing services, citizen participation in elections, clean energy, digitalization of government, level of education, environment protection, internet speed, living dtandard, public transport, smart building, smart parking, smartphone penetration, traffic congestion, urban planning, 4G LTE, wifi hotspots, and even waste disposal.

These are the 100 smartest cities the world, 2017

1 Copenhagen Denmark
2 Singapore Singapore
3 Stockholm Sweden
4 Zurich Switzerland
5 Boston United States
6 Tokyo Japan
7 San Francisco United States
8 Amsterdam Netherlands
9 Geneva Switzerland
10 Melbourne Australia
11 Vancouver Canada
12 Sydney Australia
13 Berlin Germany
14 Hamburg Germany
15 Gothenburg Sweden
16 Montreal Canada
17 London United Kingdom
18 Tel Aviv Israel
19 Paris France
20 Toronto Canada
21 Seoul South Korea
22 Luxembourg Luxembourg
23 Helsinki Finland
24 New York United States
25 München (Munich) Germany
26 Düsseldorf Germany
27 Västerås Sweden
28 Washington, DC United States
29 Bayreuth Germany
30 Hannover Germany
31 Köln (Cologne) Germany
32 Vienna Austria
33 Frankfurt am Main Germany
34 Oslo Norway
35 Philadelphia United States
36 Chicago United States
37 Dubai United Arab Emirates
38 Trondheim Norway
39 Helsingborg Sweden
40 Ottawa Canada
41 Perth Australia
42 Dublin Ireland
43 Stavanger Norway
44 Manama Bahrain
45 Aarhus Denmark
46 Los Angeles United States
47 Stuttgart Germany
48 Auckland New Zealand
49 Bergen Norway
50 Espoo Finland
51 Madrid Spain
52 Osaka Japan
53 Barcelona Spain
54 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
55 Birmingham United Kingdom
56 Bochum Germany
57 Taipei Taiwan
58 Doha Qatar
59 Lyon France
60 Milan Italy
61 Adelaide Australia
62 Brussels Belgium
63 Daejeon South Korea
64 Lisbon Portugal
65 Leeds United Kingdom
66 Ljubljana Slovenia
67 Tampere Finland
68 Hong Kong China
69 Turin Italy
70 Reykjavik Iceland
71 Rome Italy
72 Prague Czech Republic
73 Vilnius Lithuania
74 Marseille France
75 Riga Latvia
76 Tallinn Estonia
77 Moscow Russia
78 Panama City Panama
79 Budapest Hungary
80 Sao Paulo Brazil
81 Beijing China
82 Bratislava Slovakia
83 Naples Italy
84 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
85 Shanghai China
86 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
87 Bucharest Romania
88 St Petersburg Russia
89 Warsaw Poland
90 New Delhi India
91 Athens Greece
92 Cape Town South Africa
93 Mumbai India
94 Sofia Bulgaria
95 Santiago Chile
96 Buenos Aires Argentina
97 Medellin Colombia
98 Monterrey Mexico
99 Riyadh Saudi Arabia
100 Mexico City Mexico
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