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How to Continue to Grow When There’s No Career Ladder

Our jobs represent a big deal whether we like it or not. In today’s society, we’re obliged to make money in order to survive. That is why not working is often a rare possibility. Therefore, we choose our career paths based on the environment that we’ve encountered since we were born. Family, friends, society standards, culture, and so on.

Many people end up with jobs that –whether they see it or not – keep them stuck in a comfort zone state. Along with this state, progress is almost non-existent because of different reasons. However, the most significant reason for which employees tend to cease their overall growth is the simple fact that they have nothing to aim for.

There is no career ladder, no path towards better salaries or work, and no motivation at all. In that case, people stop growing. That’s a terrifying thought, as humans possess a subconscious drive and need, which is the need for growth.

In today’s post, we’re talking about different modalities that should motivate you to stop wasting time and develop or continue your pursuit of excellence. Here’s what: if you simply skip over this article without implementing a single thing, you’re proving that you lack commitment, and you should probably start your pursuit for growth by deciding what you truly want.

1.Develop a Growth Mindset

Your mindset is your most precious asset. You can own it entirely, you can make changes whenever you want, and you can continuously learn more about it. Your mindset allows you to perceive the world as you do now. The subconscious brain has developed and collected, from the moment you were born, millions of neuro-associations. Simply put, you’re linking X object with Y feeling, X person with Y experience and feeling, and so on.

This is your mindset. Now. If you want to grow, you have to make your mindset grow. This starts by becoming aware of your existence, your actions, and of your growth needs. Set some standards, commit to growth, and emotionally connect to your goals. In time, your subconscious mind will work it all, giving you the answers and solutions to the problems that you’ll encounter along the way.

2. Have a Personal Development Strategy

When there’s no career ladder, your job might not motivate you to get better. After all, you’ll still be rewarded the same way, so “why bother”? Well, most people choose not to bother, so they end up stuck as I said before.

Instead of doing nothing and wasting the free time and energy that they get each day, people should consider a personal development strategy or plan. Personal development is exponentially important for an individual to thrive both socially and professionally.

Therefore, when you feel or know that a promotion would be impossible, don’t worry. Use the time you have to personally develop yourself by consuming educational content such as books, videos, or podcasts of great value.

3. Develop Skills

Skills are super important in today’s marketplace. Certifications are starting to lose value, as CEOs have finally understood that people who possess skills are far more valuable employees that those who can only show certifications. The more skills the more value you’ll have in the marketplace. Therefore, even if your job is keeping stuck, it might give you enough time to focus on developing the skills that will improve your employability.

4. Build Relationships

Don’t waste time, build relationships. That’s a really good advice that I’d like you to keep in mind. No matter what job you have, you can still build relationships with the surrounding people. If you can’t, no problem, there’s the digital environment which allows you to network and connect with millions of people.

All you need to have is a good-enough reason to contact them (ask them something, offer them something, etc.), and the courage to get closer and get in touch. Build connections, as they will help you big time in the long run.

5. Improve Your Standards

The difference between the most successful individuals and the mediocre people lies in the standards that people set for their lives. For example, one cannot conceive living without $2000 per month while another would be happy to have $1000. These are standards. But don’t fall into thinking that your standards should only be financial.

No, in fact, we have standards for everything. For example, if you get the opportunity to take something that’s not yours without ever getting caught – will you do it? Again, standards. Therefore, improve your standards of life and unlock your limiting beliefs.

Mark Gerry, CEO at Careers Booster, shares a great perspective that every employee who’s stuck should closely examine. I quote his words:

“Do you want to fly into space? Why don’t you go to a science school and immediately start networking with people that can help you attain that goal? You can start a blog and make your name known, then you can probably get in touch with Elon Musk and ask him to put you on his first ship to Mars.

I guess you got my point! Improve your standards and have the guts to pursue your dreams. You can’t fail. Failure is non-existent. There’s only feedback, and that feedback will keep you on the right path.”


Growth is an absolutely beautiful concept and phenomenon. Everything grows. Both our body and our mind continue to grow until our time here is over. You can’t run away from growth. If you put yourself in circumstances where your opportunities to grow are slim or non-existent, you’ll only have to suffer.

Remember once and for all: we’re not meant to stay in one place. We have to explore whatever this life gives us, and that includes the exploration of more fields of activity, more skills, more friends, and ultimately more experiences. Don’t let your job keep you stuck from exploring the full possibilities that you have. Keep growing on your own and everything that you attain for will eventually get closer to you.

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