Friday, August 7, 2020

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11 Things You Need To Remove From Your Resume ASAP

You must have read several articles on what needs to be there on your resume to make a great impact on the recruiters. But have you ever wondered what should never be there on your resume? Well, there’s a plenty of information which is nothing but futile – and which should never make its way to your resume.

Let’s take a look at eleven such things that you must strike from your resume immediately.

  1. Objective

Does your resume start with an objective like – “Looking for a challenging position in a growing organization”? Well, if so, then remove it at the earliest! There’s nothing outstanding in listing such an obvious fact in your resume as an objective. And, most of the times these objectives are just vague statements copied from other resumes. So just get over them. While your career must have an objective, your resume shouldn’t. Instead of putting an objective on your resume, use that space wisely to list your achievements.

  1. Non-conversational words

It’s good you have a great vocabulary, but your resume shouldn’t be the platform to display that. Refrain from using non-conversational words that may make it look like you have spent hours in searching for big words to outshine. Because guess what? With words that are hardly ever used in day-to-day conversations won’t really make you shine. Your skills, qualifications, and knowledge will. Focus on them.

  1. Irrelevant jobs

Nobody’s really interested to know what job you took up during your high school summer vacations to earn some pocket money. So, avoid adding such job details that serve no purpose in your future. You will save a lot of your time as well as that of the recruiters.

  1. Fake information

Always remember that many employers conduct a thorough background check before hiring a candidate. Thus, there’s no point adding fake information and lies in the resume when you know you can get caught and may lose the job anyway. Be truthful. It will take you a long way.

  1. Clichés

There are many candidates who list themselves as a ‘team player’, ‘career-oriented’ and ‘go-getter’. The point is to think out of the box. List your accomplishments by thinking out of the box, not by making a list of clichés that’s nobody is willing to take a look at.

  1. Lengthy paragraphs

Your resume should be brief and to the point. Don’t beat around the bush by writing lengthy paragraphs. Too much text may take your recruiter’s attention away from your achievements. Stick to bullet points and explain your previous job roles concisely to leave a great impact. As they say, less is more.

  1. Acronyms

Every industry has certain acronyms that are quite common, but while writing a resume don’t include any of them. Rather than assuming that the recruiter would be aware of the acronym you are using, think of what if they aren’t. Play it safe and avoid shortening words. It won’t go wrong.

  1. Salary details

Never ever include your current or previous salary details in your resume, unless you have been specifically asked to do it. Nor should you include your expected salary in this document. Understand that your resume is meant to inform your prospective employer about your professional experience and skills. Restrict the information to that only.

  1. Weird/unprofessional email address

If you have an email address like or, then do yourself a favor by not sharing it with anyone anymore. Instead, get a new one. Don’t add a ridiculous email address that will leave a bad impression on your recruiter.

  1. Reasons for leaving your previous job/company

Again your resume is for listing your job details, not to list the reasons for leaving those jobs. Keep this information for your interview. This will help you make your resume much more relevant without making it too verbose. 

  1. Hobbies

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, but most of the times no one really cares about your hobbies. You might be a great cook, rapper or painter, but mentioning your hobbies or interests on your resume would be a waste of time and space for sure.

Your resume is your key to successful job search. List your skills and accomplishments in the right manner. You can easily make good first impressions and attract more interview offers. All that’s needed is to be real, precise and professional!

Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj
CEO and editorial director of the CEOWORLD magazine, an extensively kudized author, noted journalist, syndicated columnist, and ostensible entrepreneur. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook or connect on LinkedIn.