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Top 50 Most Desirable Startups In The U.S. For 2017 Uber, Airbnb, and WeWork Tops

There are startups. And then, there are startups where people really, really want to work. The social network LinkedIn released it’s list for 2017’s 50 most sought-after startups in America.

It’s worth noting that, most of the startups on the list were founded in San Francisco — New York and Chicago came in 2nd and 3rd.

The competition for top talent is fierce, but some startups are getting more attention among job seekers than others.

The ride-sharing giant Uber has been named the top employer followed by Airbnb and WeWork in the second and third place respectively.

Others in the top 10 most sought-after startups in America list include the rideshare platform Lyft at the fourth place, Slack (5th), NIO (6th), Rubrik (7th), Dropbox (8th), Houzz (9th) and Reliance Convoy at the 10th place.

To calculate the list, LinkedIn analysed its network of over 500 million members and considered views on companies’ career pages and member engagement with the company.

Here’s a list of the top 50 Most Desirable Startups In The U.S. For 2017

1UberInternet16000$68 billion
2AirbnbInternet,500$29.25 billion
3WeWorkHospitality3000$20 billion
4LyftInternet2000$11 billion
5SlackComputer software890$5.1 billion
6NIOAutomotive440$2.89 billion
7RubrikComputer software600$1.3 billion
8DropboxInternet1900$9.38 billion
9HouzzInternet1400$3.84 billion
10ConvoyTransportation170$80 million
11General AssemblyEducation management580$452 million
12StripeInternet810$9.2 billion
13GlossierCosmetics130$34.4 million
14FlexportLogistics500$910 million
15Aryaka NetworksComputer networking300$120 million
16PinterestInternet1690 $10.45 billion
17GRAILBiotech250$1 billion
18Duo SecurityComputer and network Security500$1.17 billion
19UdacityE-learning500$877 million
20G2 CrowdInternet120$300 million
21BlendComputer software200$500 million
22OpendoorReal-estate415$1 billion
23CybereasonComputer and network Security325$999 million
24CylanceComputer and network Security805$984 million
25CrowdStrikeComputer and network Security760$1.01 billion
26UptakeComputer software800$2 billion
27AffirmFinancial services280$781 million
28KaterraConstruction850$1 billion
29RingComputer electronics520$431 million
30ConveneHospitality320$113.5 million
31CourseraInternet300$800 million
32Stitch FixApparel and fashion5800$314 million
33WishComputer software310$3 billion
34RobinhoodFinancial services100$1.3 billion
35DarktraceComputer and network Security545$825 million
36Sprout SocialInternet400$50 million
37Virgin Hyperloop OneTransportation300$700 million
38Snowflake ComputingComputer software280$500 million
39ThoughtSpotComputer software220$417 million
40ZenreachInternet220$193 million
41CohesityComputer software210$537 million
42PendoComputer software150$56 million
43Moda OperandiLuxury goods200$330 million
44DatabricksComputer software220$856 million
45SkuidComputer software175$35.62 million
46GlintComputer software130$119.17 million
47DockerIT and services325$1.3 billion
48Credit KarmaConsumer services700$3.5 billion
49CasperRetail300$920 million
50ElasticComputer software600$700 million

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