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8 Terrible Mistakes You Are Making At Work – And How To Fix Them Instantly

You reach your office on time; you greet everyone with a smile, and you are always willing to help others.

There is nothing that you think is going wrong.

But, wait. You may not even know that you are committing a mistake at your workplace. Keep reading to find eight terrible errors at work that seriously need immediate rectification.

Mistake #1 – You resist change

Tony Robbins, the renowned American author, and life coach, once said, “Change is inevitable. Progress is optional”. You may or may not ‘want’ to change, but you ‘have’ to change. There’s nothing in this world that could stay the same. Nothing. So, why do you resist change at the workplace? Remember that life is continuously changing. You can’t always stay in the same place, department or role as you want. Choose to change, and your life will be better.

Mistake #2 – You are always on your desk

If you are someone who could always be found at their desk, then don’t be that person. It is harmful to not only your career but to your overall health as well. When you sit at your desk all day long and don’t even take a break, then your colleagues, seniors may not notice your presence. You engage less with others and unknowingly sabotage your career. Secondly, sitting at your desk for the entire day doesn’t help you increase your productivity. Studies have revealed that taking frequent breaks makes people more productive by helping them to concentrate on their tasks better. Therefore, move. Take short walks and come back to work. You will be more alert and a better employee.

Mistake #3 – You are negative

You may not have noticed this before, but when you bad-mouth one of your colleagues or your boss, you spread negative vibrations all around you. Plus, you put yourself in a bad light through your gossiping and backbiting. It may seem fun to you, but that’s not the case for all. Rather than being critical of things or people who aren’t as per your wants, just try to change your outlook or even better would be to come up with solutions to handle those people and things. You will love yourself and others will love you too.

Mistake #4 – You are not taking your career seriously

If you have no clue what you are going to do in a few years down the line, if you are not clear about your goals and wants, then you are probably not controlling your career the way you should. Be very clear of your aspirations and then work your way to achieve them. Learn new skills, take new roles and be updated with the latest industry trends. Take charge of your career.

Mistake #5 – You are not asking for feedback

While most organizations conduct regular employee sessions to let them know about their performances, these meetings are either conducted annually or semi-annually. But what you need is constant feedback to identify your strengths and weaknesses better. If you have been ignoring the importance of feedback and not asking for regular feedback from your superiors and peers, then start doing that. Be open to constructive criticism that helps you be a better individual and a successful employee.

Mistake #6 – You are telling lies

No matter what are your intentions behind a lie, it will always remain a lie. So, never indulge in lies. Rather than saving your reputation, you will mar it badly. Don’t play a gamble with your self-esteem. Be righteous, be honest, and you will be happy with yourself.

Mistake #7 – You are continually focusing on ‘Me’

If you are someone who is always jumping on every opportunity to seek recognition and appreciation, then that’s a big mistake too. When you are in a team, you have to think of everyone. Group goals must take precedence over individual goals. So, if you think that somebody else can do a better job on a project than you can, then just recommend that person. Start thinking about ‘We’ rather than ‘Me’.

Mistake #8 – You are always trying to multitask

If you are reading this while eating your sandwich or sipping your coffee and if you are chatting on WhatsApp as well, then you are a multi-tasker for sure. And that’s not a great achievement. Several studies have shown that to perform your work better, you need to focus on one task at a time. Just minimize distractions and concentrate on a single job. Once it gets finished, move ahead with the next one. Monotasking will help you do more in less time; multi-tasking won’t.

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