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Top 13 Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities For 2017 [Infographic]

hen it comes to generating revenue, Michael Jackson (1958-2009) ranks No. 1 on a Forbes magazine list of highest-paid dead celebs for 2017.

MJ once again proves he is the King.

Coming behind Michael Jackson is golf icon Arnold Palmer, who generated $40 million in earnings; followed by Charles Schulz with $38 million; Elvis Presley with $35 million; and Bob Marley with $23 million to round out the top five.

Beyond Bob Marley, the list includes musicians Tom Petty (No. 6, $20 million), Prince (No. 7, $18 million), Dr. Seuss (No. 8, $16 million), and John Lennon (No. 9, $12 million).

Others on the list include Albert Einstein, David Bowie, Elizabeth Taylor, and Bettie Page.

Top 13 Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities For 2017

1. Michael Jackson (musician, died 2009, $75 million)
2. Arnold Palmer (golfer, died 2016, $40 million)
3. Charles Schulz (cartoonist, died 2000, $38 million)
4. Elvis Presley (musician, died 1977, $35 million)
5. Bob Marley (musician, died 1981, $23 million)

6. Tom Petty (musician, died 2017, $20 million)
7. Prince (musician, died 2016, $18 million)
8. Dr. Seuss (author, died 1991, $16 million)
9. John Lennon (musician, died 1980, $12 million)
10. Albert Einstein (physicist, died 1955, $10 million)

11. David Bowie (musician, died 2016, $9.5 million)
12. Elizabeth Taylor (actress, died 2011, $8 million)
13. Bettie Page (model, died 2008, $7.5 million)

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