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List Of The Top 23 Largest Companies In Europe: Forbes 2000

Europe is home to 23 companies that rank among the 100 largest in the world, on the latest Forbes 2000 List. Royal Dutch Shell (No. 20) was the largest European company on the list, followed by Allianz, based in Germany (No. 21).

BNP Paribas and Total, both of which are based in France, ranked at Nos. 23 and 26, respectively. AXA Group (No. 27, based in France) was 5th largest company in Europe.

The rest of the top 10 are: Daimler (No. 28, based in Germany); Volkswagen Group (No. 28, based in Germany); Banco Santander (No. 33, based in Spain); Nestle (No. 34, based in Switzerland); and Total (No. 26, based in France).

List Of The Top 23 Largest Companies in Europe

  1. Royal Dutch Shell, Netherlands, #20
  2. Allianz, Germany, #21
  3. BNP Paribas, France, #23
  4. Total, France, #26
  5. AXA Group, France, #27
  6. Daimler, Germany, #28
  7. Volkswagen Group, Germany, #28
  8. Banco Santander, Spain, #33
  9. Nestle, Switzerland, #34
  10. HSBC Holdings, UK, #48
  11. Siemens, Germany, #50
  12. BMW Group, Germany, #51
  13. ING Group, Netherlands, #53
  14. Novartis, Switzerland, #61
  15. Prudential, UK, #68
  16. Deutsche Telekom, Germany, #77
  17. Roche Holding, Switzerland, #79
  18. UBS, Switzerland, #80
  19. Sanofi, France, #88
  20. Bayer, Germany, #89
  21. Zurich Insurance Group, Switzerland, #91
  22. BASF, Germany, #93
  23. Enel, Italy, #99

The Global 2000 is a comprehensive ranking of the world’s biggest stock-traded companies.

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