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The Global Top-10 Companies Techies Want To Work The Most, 2017

SpaceX and Google are the top to most appealing companies for technology workers, according to a new study by online jobs marketplace Hired. Shopify was ranked the No. 3 most sought-after employer, followed by Tesla and Netflix.

It’s not terribly surprising that among the top 10 tech companies that are most attractive to technologists, only two, Canada’s Shopify and Australia’s Atlassian Corp, were based outside the U.S.

Here are the top 10 companies where techies want to work the most

1. SpaceX, Los Angeles, US
2. Google, SF Bay Area, US
3. Shopify, Toronto, Canada
4. Tesla, SF Bay Area, US
5. Netflix, SF Bay Area, US
6. Slack, SF Bay Area, US
7. Atlassian, Sydney, Australia
8. Hulu, Los Angeles, US
9. Facebook, SF Bay Area, US
10. Lyft, SF Bay Area, US

To create the list Hired surveyed 2,349 professionals who use its platform. Survey also indicates that tech workers were looking not for just for a good salary, but to develop new skills and be part of a company with a strong culture that reflected their values.

Aimee Lee Webber
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