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Mobile App and Mobile Site: What’s the Difference?

Well, is it just me? Or even you? Or plenty of people like us? Who are in dilemma mobile app or mobile web. Well, I have been fumbling with this thought and it just clicked my mind others users would also be dealing with similar confusion and that needs clarity.

This is what brought me to pick this topic and impart my views thereon. When indulging in mobile site development, it’s an extremely essential to determine at the intuitive stage how will your users interact with the site and what experience you want to generate for them. Some business incubators believe creating a mobile site for their users while some think the mobile app is the right choice to make in the world of mobile first.

There are some who don’t want to miss any of these: they go for both. Mobile application development is a prolonged process with a heavy investment of both time and finance which might make you opt for the other option instead. But is it the right decision to make? If you think yes then why a gigantic amount of business is diverging their ways there? Well, let’s put some light on it first knowing the difference between them. 

Difference between mobile app and mobile site

As both of them can be accessed by mobile, it won’t make a major difference but based on which one you choose, it can make a huge difference in the experience of the users. The mobile site is similar as that of the desktop site, the only difference is that it is optimized and developed for a smaller screen view. There’s nothing complicated about it, responsive web design has to be employed on the modern web. Just website is to be made in a way to cope the device size through which it is going to be accessed. Well, this one is quite prevalent as it restricts the need for any alteration across various websites.

Coming to the mobile apps, they are not in need of any browser to get accessed, they need to be installed on the user’s device. The best thing about mobile apps is that the users can access it 24*7 and the data therein can be accessed even without the aid of internet connectivity. This is the reason, why more and more big and small business is choosing mobile app instead over the responsive mobile web. 

Positives and negatives of mobile app and mobile site

Well, we are ultimately left with the same question which is better. Let’s explore the positives and negatives of both to reach the conclusion easily.

Mobile website

  • Compatible

Even the use and function might not be that smooth but it can be accessed by the user with bit discomfort. In case of mobile app, it has to made coded and developed an app designing and development of various platforms have to be taken care of

  • Easy and quick upgrades

One of the biggest pros of the mobile site is that upgrades are extremely easy. You just need to go to the website backend, make the related changes and update. You don’t need any developer to do that.

  • Easily searchable

When you get hooked up in a problem and hunting for a solution, what’s the first thing hitting your mind? Google, right? You are not going to turn up to app store find an app for your solution on the first go.

  • Budget-friendly

Building a website can be a massive investment and yes not a cost-saving one. However, comparing it to mobile apps, hiring a mobile app development company and paying them it can be cost-effective.

Mobile app

  • Offline access

You might get lost in a place far away from civilization and yes you won’t be having internet connectivity all the time. That’s the positive part of the mobile as data can be accessed even when you are offline.

  • Interactive

If the interactivity needed by the users is high then the mobile app is considered the preferable choice. More amount of users can be engaged through this platform.

  • Personalize

A mobile app can give a more personalized touch to the user. If creating a brand is your agenda then nothing can be apter than an app.

Wrapping up

Well, both have positives and negatives of their own. Which one to choose highly depends upon the type of business you are running. If gaming features are your agenda, then a mobile app can gain you more benefits. If you intend a portal for mere inquiries then mobile web is something you should opt for.

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