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9 Apps to Increase Productivity of Your Small Business

Every entrepreneur who is running their small-businesses has about so many tasks to complete every day where any individual can tackle. This is why people are always looking for ways to cut the time that it takes to do several of tasks and complete the project. And that is why we are so lucky that we are living in the era where everything becomes very easier with a computer and the internet connection. And the thing that even makes the tasks simpler that are apps.

Apps make the life easier for all of us even if you are a business executive. From placing orders to scheduling the appointments with just pressing a button in the app that has the potential to cut down the time that you might spending on small tasks and optimizing your general productivity.

However, not all of the apps are built equal, and it is essential to research that which ones offer the best services. Here are top 9 apps that are guaranteed to optimize productivity, accountability, and success of your small business.

9 Apps to productivity of your small business

#1. Futuramo Time Tracker

Futuramo Time Tracker is an app that is launched in December 2016. This app aims to deliver user-centric tools for the cloud collaboration. By this means it helps to create a personalized workspace by giving numerous of collaborative apps on the cloud.

The Time Tracker is a smart time tracking app which is best for you if your target includes more than only tracking the time you and your team has spent on different tasks. And if you are looking for insights from your past projects then it will help you at that and let you plan your next ones.

The app’s advanced statistic analyses the work performed for better understand of your work and get most out of it. Which means this makes it easy for you to schedule and prioritize your work for you and your team. The time Tracker’s powerful filters allow you to filter your activities based on the project, date or client. With this app, it is possible to track the time offline and even include the records manually.

#2. Noisli

For many of the individuals, a little background sound is helpful to calm down and concentrate on work, because somewhere it even helps boost the productivity. This is where the Noisli app comes in forth. Like Futuramo Time Tracker this is also a cloud-based service that also available in the app version. It allows you to create your own background sounds and that helps you improve focusing and optimize your productivity.

This app can combine the clips from rain, water, the wind and so much more other sounds that you might love to hear and soothe yourself with it. The high-quality of ambient music contributes to concentrate while you are working to boost your productivity.

This online service is helpful when you want to avoid the annoying noises to focus well on optimize the productivity. It even helps create a present audio environment to relax or to fall in sleep. This app easily plug-in the distracted minds and they easily can concentrate on the work rather than general office noise.

#3. Evernote

Evernote is perhaps one that the most popular digital notebook, and this is for a good reason. This app allows you to capture quick notes on the go and this is not it! It lets you organize your whole digital life.

With Evernote app, you can clip pieces of details from the internet. You can include any text, audio, files, and images to the notes and can organize them as per you desired into that app. Everything is linked together with the strong search function so you can quickly search any note you want.

You can also tag the information for easy finding, alter any of the detail by including to it and condensing that information. Even it can use for organic notes, to-do lists of your work, contacts, and also you can store the tweets and emails which are essential for you and want to keep them handy.

Some so many users are leveraging more from this app by using its paid version. But this app is also available in paid version.

#4. Any.do

Any.do app is such an elegant application with very excellent to-do list functionality. This life management and productivity app are available for free, and there is also paid version available of this app.

Apart from only taking advantage of to-do list options, you can even make use of calendar, reminders, lists, and notes choices in a single app. With all of these options, you can accomplish more and more tasks.

Once you started using this app you can even use few more functions like important work list management, life organizer and daily planner, share lists and assign tasks and even capture what’s in your mind to increase your small business’ productivity.

#5. ZenPen

Like Evernote, ZenPen is another tool. But this web app is quite different than Evernote. This is a fantastic web-based alternative with an easy and simple design along with minimal clutter.

However, this tool is only a text writing tool that supports links, italic text, inserting quotes and making bold. This is an online app so no need to install it. You can only use it and save your work to your laptop or PC. This tool is available all for free.

#6. Tide

Tide is most beautiful and pure white noise app that available in app version that is supported on iOS devices and Android devices as well. With the Pomodoro technique which is the best time management technique, you can have the best focus timer along with nature sounds.

With this app, things can be done by breaking up your work into individual events between distinct intervals which are separated by short breaks. This is how this app makes your precious time much productive while staying relaxed and focused on your work.

#7. Trello

Trello is the leading project management app that currently rocks the market. With the project management, it is also a collaboration tool that can allow you to think and plan out-of-the-box. Though this is a system of boards, cards, and lists, where you can organize your work and your team.

It helps to create tasks, assign and prioritize them and keep track on the progress. The application is effortless to use as it offers an intuitive interface with drag & drop technology. This is kind of a centralized space where you can communicate with other people, share files and your ideas as well.

Trello also supports cross-platform, power-ups as well as email integration too. As it is a cloud-based tool that lets you access your account anywhere. This tool is available on the free plan as well as premium plan too.


Perhaps you have heard about this app IFTTT, or you might have used it quite well. But have you ever imagine that you can use this app to increase the productivity. Or maybe you are not familiar that IFTTT that is this service claims that Put the web to work for you. With this one of the most wonderful free automation services, you can get most out of it.

It lets you take advantage of many different recipes and even allows you to create your recipes and you can set up the recipes to make your task productive. Once you set the recipes, then you don’t need to worry about that. This is available as a cloud-based service and even as an app that supports both OS like iOS and Android.

#9. Easilydo Smart Assistant

Easilydo is the mobile app that looks for the essential task and things that you care the most. It helps you manage your to-do lists, calendar, and contacts. Besides that with some other fantastic functions that can keep track of your tasks.

Besides only that it enables you to take notes in Evernote right through the tool and you can keep them attached to the appropriate tasks of yours. It allows you to scan the business cards and lets you automatically add this to the CRM.


If you are struggling with the burden of your small business, then these nine apps are available for you to make your life easier. With any of these apps, you can streamline the process of your business and simplify your business finances while saving both the time and the money.

Have any other app that you think that it belongs on this list? You can share your favorite one by only leaving your comment in the comments section below!

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