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Some Social Media Dos And Don’ts For Prospective Graduate Students

Social media comes with its fair share of boons and banes. While it does help prospective graduate students to stay connected to each other, create a professional network and keep in touch with friends and families, it also brings with it a great deal of responsibility.

If used recklessly, then the very same social media can reduce your chances of getting admitted to a college of your choice.

Remember that when you share your life on a social network, you are under continuous scrutiny. So, be wise and act smart. Know what should you do and what you shouldn’t when it comes to using social media. Maintain a good online presence to get admitted to your dream college.

Keep reading to learn some highly important social media dos and don’ts that every high school student needs to consider.


Create a meaningful presence

You can create a positive impression on your prospective college’s admission officers with a meaningful presence on social media sites. Join conversations that highlight your interests and skills, and share your knowledge through useful comments. Don’t just be there to annoy others. Sensibly participate in stories that matter to the world, and be someone who makes some good contribution to the lives of others by being active on social media.

Share information about your achievements

Highlighting your accomplishments and interests on social media can bring you into the limelight. You can share updates about your achievements and then make them public. If you are someone who has a strong presence on social media and who knows how to build credibility, then you will surely catch the attention of college admissions officers. When your social media profiles justify what’s included in your application, you create an instant positive impression.

Know more about different colleges

Make sure you spend some time to learn about the colleges you have applied for. You can follow institutes on Twitter, LinkedIn and join their groups on Facebook. This will help you find all the latest information about these institutes and their admission processes on the go. Staying informed will surely help you in your admission process.

Exercise the power of your voice

Students today have found great power in social media. They can voice their opinions and talk about important global matters. Use your voice actively on social media by writing blogs that can bring a change in the society. Then share these blogs on different sites to spread your message far and wide. Let the world know that modern day students care for the society and the world as much as a grown-up does, and they are not present on social media sites just to have fun.


Stop escaping social media

There are some students who try to evade social media. Don’t be one of them. Take full advantage of these sites. They are there for a reason. If sharing your personal information on these sites is something that you don’t want, then you can use them to share professional information. You can even make good use of the privacy settings and share just that much information with the world that you are comfortable sharing.

Never post unsavory updates

This is something that you always need to take care of. Posting questionable, offensive photos and other types of content is a big no. Even if you want to share a bad experience with someone, do it in a constructive manner. It will show your wisdom and you will emerge as a sensible individual for sure.

Don’t post every single activity on social media

From what are you eating for dinner to sharing your thoughts on the weather every day, posting every single detail of what you are doing or feeling isn’t what social media has been invented for. It is for interacting with others. So, don’t be too occupied with yourself and don’t bombard others’ feeds with posts that revolve just around you.

Avoid spending too much time on social media

Spending most of your time on stalking others on social media or posting frequent content reflects your poor time management skills. Time is of the essence, and it is all the more important for students. Don’t waste time that you could utilize to learn something new. Read books, listen to the world news, join a new course, or do something else that adds to your knowledge. Simply sitting idle, browsing different social media sites during the entire day should be avoided at all costs.

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