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Who is a Scrum Master And How to Get a CSM Certification?

Scrum is an agile environment where software development tasks are carried out that can include huge software systems and complete software packages by software teams. A scrum environment involves 3 components that make it a framework, namely, a scrum master, a scrum team and a scrum product owner.

A scrum master is a person who is responsible for leading a scrum team in developing a software. This is why you have the word associated with this position as the person’s job is to lead, and hence or she serves as the master and is supposed to have more knowledge than others on the team. In addition to this, the responsibilities of a master are more as well.

There are many tasks that a CSM certified individual has to do such as removing any obstacles that come across a scrum team, providing the team facilities to carry out a specific task, setting time goals so that the team completes the development in given time. The individual gets certified scrum master training to be able to complete all these tasks in a professional manner.

While this position is tough, it is still envied as it means a step ahead in the career with some great opportunities. However, you will need CSM certification to qualify for the post.

Now let’s check out some reasons to get a CSM certification:

Applying And Preparing For A CSM Training Program Is Easy Compared To Other Training Programs

We often hear that many online certifications are difficult to pass and to be eligible for. Such is not the case with CSM certification. All you need to do is take a 2 day CSM seminar which will cost a $1,000.

After finishing the course, the candidates have 1 to 3 months of time to prepare for the exam. The exam is based on 50 multiple type questions for which you will be given 60 minutes to solve all the questions. The passing percentage is only 60% which is quite low compared to other programs which is why the success rate of this exam is 98% around the world.

Other than that, when you register to appear for the exam, you’ll be given an exam access code which lets you give an online exam anywhere in the world. All you need to have is a computer and an internet connection. The exam cost is $29 and there are no hidden fees involved. 

After successfully passing the exam, you will receive a globally accepted CSM certificate from Scrum Alliance that marks you an expert in the agile project management principles in Scrum Projects.

Salary Range

CSM certifieds face no problems in getting hired by reputable companies because CSM certifieds are in high demand. Other than that, their salary range exceeds many other designations including Non-CSM’s and project managers too. On average, a CSM certified earns nearly $10K a year.


Getting a CSM certification is not that difficult and helps you achieve great heights in the scrum environment.

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