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6 PPC Tips for your e-commerce site

When running an e-commerce site, there are plenty of elements to watch out for – you need to take care of your UX, keyword optimization, right uses of links, and more. The internal and external elements of your e-commerce site are all important aspects to look at, one of them being your advertising needs. Without ads, your site might just cease to exist. This is why conducting the right strategy and process for your PPC campaign is key. Finding out the best actions for your optimization is important in trying to get all those clicks and coverage, this is why understanding the right PPC tips is key.

Here are some tips for your PPC optimization.

Tracking and analysis

It is important to track your website consistently. Before actually starting with your PPC campaign, you need to track and analyze your current website status and rank. Using tools like Google Analytics will help you to track your current website conditions and whether you need some keywords optimization.

Keywords is key

Once you have decided that your website needs some optimization, it’s important to think about keywords. Keywords are the answer here. The more you use optimized and highly searched and ranked keywords, it should help you to generate more traffic and clicks. It’s important to remember however, it is not all just about using single word keywords, it is important to take into account long-tail keywords, such as sentence keywords or keywords that include phrases of more than one word. These keywords generally can bring in more traffic with less competition.


Here, we need to look at all design aspects – as in both the landing page and your website design. Your landing page is the call-to-action page you are trying to lead your viewers in order to generate interaction. Make sure your landing page design is not only enticing and eye-catching but also use the right keywords for your content. This goes the same for your whole website design; making sure things are user-friendly and easy on the eyes. Getting your viewers to click on your PPC ads is one thing but making them stay is a different thing. By creating an enticing website design, this will increase your chances of conversion rates and traffic. So if you are looking to conduct a PPC campaign, make sure all elements are in place – especially the website page you are looking to link to.

Try ad extensions

Ad extensions may be a useful tool to try and gain more traffic and clicks. Companies use the ad extensions to showcase all their diverse product categories, which may help to increase click through rates (CTR). This is especially important for e-commerce sites, where people would like to see the line of products and options you have to offer. You never know, one of those extended products may be exactly what your customers are looking for.

The right text ad copies

Aside from implementing the right keywords in your text ads make sure to also add the right call-to-action. Have a strong call-to-action that will create decisions. Some call-to-actions may seem a bit forceful and sometimes not the best way for CTR results but they tend to have a higher conversion rate. Remember, at the end of the day, PPC marketing campaigns are here to help your conversions. Also, make sure to use a click-to-call button rather than just putting a number to call to – make your company easier to access.

Use Ad groups

This is especially useful for e-commerce sites that have multiple products and categories. Ad groups are one or more ads that target a specific set of the same keywords – but through multiple ads. By using ad groups you can specify your PPC marketing campaign and thus target more directed customers. This will allow you to create greater conversion rates. This is best used to separate your products per category.

So time to get your PPC campaign on. With the right tips and tricks, create the ideal campaign for your e-commerce business!

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