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These Are The World’s 20 Most Trusted Companies For 2017 On Forbes Top Regarded List

It would come as no surprise that Siemens has been ranked No. 1 on the world’s 250 top regarded companies 2017, according to a new study out by the Forbes magazine, France’s Michelin placed second on the list, followed by Google parent company Alphabet at No. 3.

The 2017 rankings placed Japan’s Nintendo in 4th ahead of Walt Disney into 5th; while Denmark’s Carlsberg ranked 6th, and Apple 7th.

Overall, among the top 10 universities, the 8th, 9th, and 10th positions are held by Ferrari, Hilton, and Japan’s Panasonic.

Marriott took the No. 11 spot in 2017, followed by German’s Adidas (No.12) and Toyota (No.13). Meanwhile, South Korean LG Electronics ranked No. 14.

Netflix came in 15th place, followed by Microsoft (16th), Germany’s SAP (17th), Switzerland’s Geberit (18th), and IBM, ranked 19th. Out of 250 top regarded companies in the world, Sweden’s Volvo Group ranked No. 20th.

World’s 20 Most Trusted Companies For 2017

  1. Siemens, Germany
  2. Michelin Group, France
  3. Alphabet, United States
  4. Nintendo, Japan
  5. Walt Disney, United States
  6. Carlsberg, Denmark
  7. Apple, United States
  8. Ferrari, Italy
  9. Hilton, United States
  10. Panasonic, Japan
  11. Marriott International, United States
  12. Adidas, Germany
  13. Toyota Motor, Japan
  14. LG Electronics, South Korea
  15. Netflix, United States
  16. Microsoft, United States
  17. SAP, Germany
  18. Geberit, Switzerland
  19. IBM, United States
  20. Volvo Group, Sweden

Worlds Top Regarded Companies 2017 [infographic]

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