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The Logic in Poetry

The Mastery of You by Dr Renu Persaud

Existence is marred in matters of the heart. Depending on our individual experiences, objects and events are interpreted differently and take precedence over others. Sociologist Max Weber refers to this as Verstehen, which is German for interpretive understanding.

We become absorbed by the things that matter most to us, this can be political freedom, human rights, global strategizing, building networks, religious tolerance, environmental issues, education and equality.

To debate and discourse these matters means that we must set aside personal bias, and open our minds to listen and consider other junctures and viewpoints. This is a requirement in discussion, even if the others’ point of departure is situated uniquely from our own. Hence, our self-interests can subjectively charge the process, and for good reason, if our passion runs deep.

We all have and uphold beliefs we deem to be right because we may not have experiences to understand beyond the parameters of our belief system: this is where the power of poetry is found. The will of poetic expression grasps at our conscience, while introducing us to a subject matter we know (italic) of but the beauty of poetry is it draws us into experiencing that reality (of the same subject) in vast and profoundly unique ways. The same is articulated differently from how (italic) we know it.

Poetic verses does not censure thought and emotion; it does not play with our veiled logic. Its potential is that it can redirect our thoughts and experiences on paths we never knew existed.

Until we are brought into the pain of unjust social matters, into unique worlds with distinctive ways of understanding, that us Verstehen, we cannot appreciate the other’s perspective.

I use poetry to bring matters of corporate, global and social concern to light, in what can be a disheartening world, a world that forgets that logic and debate are not the only ways of understanding the human condition.

Ravenous by Renu Persaud

The wolves cry unheard
The spark of her spirit
Swirls like a hurricane
Her copper memories
Rust in the blackness of a sky.
As the raven flies, the sands fold beneath her feet.
Etched in grain
Is an eternal endurance
Of the enemy
The pain of life
The treasure of all pain
Disguised in hope
Disheveled in pity
Indefinite of response
Immortal in obscurity
Impassive to surrender
Among the betoken
A hint of insouciance
Piqued by twisted endurance
Absolved in disguise
Forbidden of peace
Given to blunder
An absolute spark
Of discord
Grief bids adieu
To open her portals
To weary affection
Swarmed by deceit
Flooded in dalliance
An earthen affection
Freed from the haze
Of a foggy horizon
She glides transiently
With the current and crackle
Of a hissing rainforest
A pulled out nemesis
In the screaming shadow
Of water and fire
Soot upon leaves
Green of every hue
Dried by freshness
Of a hasty dew
Obscured in immortal unrest
Fastened by a forever lustre
A dull shine
Upon a broken leaf
Illuminated by the hidden rays
Of her Sun
A reluctant briar
Grows upward
To the walls of concealed freedom
Tied and adorned
By the knots
Of confused agony
Beguiled by the softening
Of an aggressive serenity
To be engrossed
By a humid harvest
A drifted shadow ponders
the circles stumped in a tree
As the layers of age
Tear backwards in mire pieces
To release a freshness
Beneath a sullen murmur
Of silt and syrup
Halted by beauty
Driven by ugly
Kept for languish
The twilight imposes her indent
Into the recess of mania
Graceful and void of desire
For the frontier
A taxing thought
Heeds an exaggerated bliss
Tardy in movement
Excited by lies
To a magnified comfort
Playing for excess
A declaration of knowing no hope
Yet hoping
Possessed by greed
Careless to destruction
Careful for a wistful fright
The hooves of grace
Thicken an evening
Of negligence
For an impasse
Destined to the arcane
The air of never-ending longing
Fascinated by purity of uncertainty
Becoming vulgar in truth
Beset to bind in a rotting rind of hope.

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Dr. Renu Persaud
Dr. Renu Persaud is the author of The Mastery of You, an award-winning title which was nominated for one of Canada’s most prestigious award for non-fiction writing and a Reader's Favorite Silver Medal Winner.

As a teaching professor at University of Windsor, Canada, she is a faculty award winner, and her Understanding Social Life lectures are among the most popular sought after classes on campus. She is a qualified sociologist with expertise in the concentration of equity studies and anti-racism education.

Dr. Renu Persaud is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.