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DEDICT Method for Imparting Mobile App Development Training

Imparting training and gaining training both are not piece of cake. Both of them should connect with each other. With digital upsurge, the ways of training have turn digital. Online training is something that has received a great response these days. However, the best way one can get training is live. When there is active and practical participation, expression and involvement, getting things into head can be comparatively easy. No pessimistic words about online training as it is also a great concept and hence widely accepted by the trainees. But, when it comes to mobile application development training, finding an institute and getting live training is commendable.

So, here we have a new approach ‘DEDICT’ for training. Teaching a new skill to a newbie is challenging which is eased with this approach. It’s basically a step-by-step guide which will make the learning experience impactful and commendable. So, let’s take a look into each one of them.

1) Demo

The best way to learn is to watch, observe and implement. Demonstrate the development task to the trainee and make sure you demonstrate it at a normal pace. For a trainee to catch things properly, it’s essential to go slow at first. The trainee will get a clear idea and ingrain things in a better manner. Even the amount of training content while demonstrating is also an essential thing to be taken care of.

2) Explain

You gave the demonstration. But, is it enough to understand? Well, I guess no. Explaining things mentioned in the demonstration is equally important. Explain each and everything step by step. Well, this step of imparting training would be easy as trainees have already seen the task performed in real time. You can make the explaining session even more interactive and enticing by adding frozen images, diagrams, and animations at this stage.

3) Demo again

I know what you are thinking. We are already done with this step previously, why again? Well, ask yourself, do you remember a new thing taught just by seeing it once? No, right. Any Android or iPhone training will need a revision session. Hence, demonstrate again. Well, this time you can go a bit rapid and less in-depth as you have done it before.

4) Imitate

Encourage the trainees to follow the procedure along with and also share their result. Create a blended learning pattern if they are not good with the result. Make the app development trainees aware of the resources needed, tools and technologies used and ask them to try what they learned. Correct them at places where they go wrong, redress their queries and make them work.

5) Call to action

The biggest benefit a trainee can avail from live project training is that they have their trainer right in front of them. They can promptly share their part of the review, commit errors, learn from those errors, take advice, and implement changes as per their knowledge. Communication becomes really easy and flowing when there is live training for developers.

6) Task

Trainees must be given a practical task or any development activity to perform. By this trainees can analyze themselves and get in the know how to combat real-time development challenges. This will assist them in shaping their career as a mobile developer and getting the job once they are done with their training.

Well, by no means there is any final conclusion, it varies on the trainers and trainees which methods work well for them.

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