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How Chatbots Can Increase Customer Engagement for brands?

Chatbots have been the entire buzz nowadays. You see them in abundance everywhere. What may be the purpose of this sudden surge in Chatbots? Why are they getting so popular?

To succeed in this digital world, the key is far beyond than finding out the location of your target audience. You need to be alert every time to respond to your customers, either at 3 am or at 11 pm. If you are missing leads that come to you late at the night or early in the morning, then this is worst for your business.

Customer Retention and User Engagement are the two crucial factors that play a vital role in taking any business to new heights of success. And, with heaps of marketing tools available, increasing brand engagement and retention rate has become easier.

Nowadays, many digital marketers are using Chatbots to reach and get leads. But, as there are many Chatbots available with several trackable metrics, it is quite difficult to opt the one that can take brands directly to the targeted audience. Below are the few ways which brands can follow to increase user engagement and customer retention rate by utilizing Chatbots.

Customer Service

The very first thing for which you can use a Chatbot is customer service and support. Customers turn into your loyal customers when they get the best sales support instantly for their queries.

Bots make clients feel that there is always someone who is listening to their questions and answering them as well. Not every time they can offer an exact solution, but can listen to the queries and give hope to the customers they will get their problems solved.

Businesses can add a customer support Chatbot to solve the simple queries of customers and pass on just the complex queries to support agents. Chatbots can provide customer service in a much-improved way. This is the reason because of which various brands are hunting for a Chatbot development company, which can assist them to build an app that can provide an excellent user experience.

Collect Customers Personas

Once your customers start interacting with your Chatbot, you will be able to create a group of your targeted audience. And, this will also help you in converting your visitors to buyers.

After getting information about the target audience, start by classifying them. To do the same, you can use Facebook Audience Insights. In case you desire to deliver meaningful alerts to your customers, this is a very helpful way. This way you can find out the desired information about your customers like the pages they like most, their preferences, location, behavior and much more.

Customers Engagement

Sometimes, there are possibilities when people are in urgent need of any service but, don’t have the desire to perform all those sign-up steps. This may be because your interface is not engaging or the customer is lazy. If you want to increase your conversion rate optimization then you have to answer their questions without any delay. And this is something your AI-powered Chatbot can do.

No doubt, your UI/UX must be engaging enough but, if it is not, Chatbots can help you. Individual attention is what every user desire. And a Chatbot can provide this desired attention to your customers.

Automation of repetitive work

Let’s be honest, nobody likes doing same work again and again. In such cases, mistakes are obvious. Chatbots can help in automating tasks that are to be done frequently and at one particular time.

Likewise, now there are various slack bots which automate repetitive jobs. This enables individuals to spare time and increase productivity. For instance, there are new things purchased from your eCommerce site or there is an error reported then it sends a short summary to a slack channel.

Personal Advisors

Nowadays, Chatbots can even be used as a fashion advisor for clothing recommendations. People could ask trading tips from a finance bot, suggestions regarding places to visit from a travel bot and so forth.

This would enable the user to get a more personal attention. Likewise, the Chatbot can remember the user’s choices and will serve them accordingly while there next visit.

Analyze the Metrics

Chatbots generate heaps of data about your target audience. So, it is important to regularly check and analyze your engagement metrics. You should analyze the number of queries received in a conversation, the average time of the sessions and the average queries per user.

If the number of messages in the conversations are increasing it means Chatbot is increasing the customer engagement. And, if numbers of users are also increasing it means Chatbot is also giving you new customers. In case, both are increasing simultaneously, it could be an excellent sign because your Chatbot is keeping your new as well as old customer engaged in your services.

The Big Thing

Regardless of all the remarkable innovations in AI controlled Chatbots, they are yet dependent on humans. Sometimes, Chatbots misunderstand things and that’s why your team should be there to save the lead. You should allow your buyers to connect with a human delegate amid each phase of the discussion you have with them.

This will show your clients that your brand thinks more about their needs. Giving your clients the level of consideration and engagement they deserve is the way to increase your retention rate.


In conclusion, there are many advantages identified with having a Chatbot. Some of which have been described in this post. With new innovations coming each year it is safe to state that the future of Chatbots looks splendid.

There are many reputed brands out there those are utilizing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning and are integrating AI that powers Chatbots into their marketing plan. Now, it is your turn. Utilize the power of Chatbots and increase the user engagement and customer retention rate.

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