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How To Think And Speak Like A CEO?

Being a CEO isn’t easy. You have to master critical thinking and oratory, both. Regardless of how people perceive you and your contributions towards your organization, there is always plenty of scope for improvement when it comes to thinking and speaking like a CEO. After all, leading people and driving change in an organization requires you to unleash the power of the mind. And, once you do it, you will excel at everything you do as a CEO.

Read on to know a few simple yet equally useful ways that will make you think and speak like a CEO and rise to the top.

Think big

Being in the CEO seat calls for a holistic view. You have to look at things from a wide angle. Don’t narrow down your approach towards achieving short-time goals alone. Remember that you are an inspiration for many. Act that way. Think big. Talk about making things bigger. Involve people in your mission to reach the pinnacle of success. It isn’t difficult. You just have to give it a try.

Integrity is what people seek

They say, “Success without integrity is failure”. Never compromise your integrity. As a leader, people look up to you. The lessons you give them may mold their lives. Teach them how to be honest. Think honestly and speak with all your heart. And, you will be more successful than ever before.

Convey your messages right

Communication is the key to success in the corporate world. You might have heard it many times. But, what you may not know is how can the power of words inspire action, and how as a CEO you need to seize that power. Whether you are giving a speech or writing an email – make your words stand out. Be clear, concise and motivating. Tell others about the issues that exist and the way to go past them. Communicate effectively and confidently.

Don’t make things complex

Focussing on too many things at a time can lead you nowhere. Have a particular agenda when you speak and address it properly. Don’t complicate things more than what they already are. Make your audience connect with you. Understand their point of views and help them understand yours. Give them the key takeaways from your meetings and let them remember what needs to be done.

Stand up for your values

In life, there are a few principles and values that make you who you are. Be it zero tolerance for abuse, deceit, or just bad-mouthing – know what is it that you can never tolerate and let others know about it too. When you have something to stand up for, when you give voice to your goals and aspirations from a work environment, you make others realize the importance of having some values and sticking to them.

Believe in yourself, believe in others

A CEO has a firm belief in the organization and its people. But, this belief won’t help if you don’t have full faith in yourself and your capabilities. Realize your strong suits and make them stronger. Discover what is it that your people could do the best. Invest time in building a rapport with your team. Engage with them. Talk to them. Motivate them to achieve greater things in life. Assert that you have a strong belief in their abilities. And, they will believe in themselves too.

Be hopeful

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” These words from Christopher Reeve assures that hope is powerful. You can either be hopeful and bring a change or be a pessimistic soul and depress the world. The choice is yours. Leaders who are successful have always been optimistic of situations, of people, and of events. They know how to find opportunity even in times of adversity. And, that’s a kind of leader everybody wants to work with.

Follow these tips and be all set to win the hearts and minds of those you lead. It’s time to lead effectively. Incorporate these soul-stirring ideas into your business planning. Bring a change in yourself. Practice what it takes to not just think and speak like a CEO, but also to act like one. Drive people positively. Let them think more, aspire more, and achieve more. ‘You’ can do it!

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Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj
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