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10 Killer Perks to Give to Your Workers

Some sightings in the Googleplex: a laundromat, scooter parking, and a baby grand piano. These are just some of the amenities employees, enjoy at their headquarters.

Of course, not all can be like Google. You are most likely okay having covered the basics: healthcare insurance, parental leave, paid time off, sickness benefits, and retirement plans.

Yet, fringe benefits and perks are a major factor in accepting a job offer or not to 60% of people surveyed by Glassdoor in 2015. You do not always have to throw fancy things into the package. But you may want to consider adding more value to your offer using any of the examples below: 

Rent subsidies

Paying for workers’ lodging has been one of the more traditional, and welcome, examples of a fringe benefit. But conditions vary. If you are flying in a team to your country, covering their apartment rent is your responsibility. If you want to boost the productivity of your local hires, incentivize proximity to the office is an option. 

Company car

By offering to finance cars that employees can use to travel to and from work, you make transportation more convenient. It is a valuable add-on for those who do not own a personal vehicle. But this privilege is often reserved for key people in a company. These individuals have to reach a certain income level to appreciate the perk, as they will have to account for out-of-pocket expenses such as car insurance, gas, and maintenance.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employees of the Canadian Government are eligible for its EAP program, which includes the following: immediate telephonic counselling and up to 5 face-to-face counselling sessions, access to convenience services, and access to specified legal assistance services. Your growing organization should also invest in genuine care for its people. You can provide them with confidential counselling that is available 24/7. This program helps in multiple areas that affect their well-being, such as stress management, marital and family concerns, and addiction problems.

Partial/full tuition reimbursement

Free education is another attractive item to add to a benefits package. Covering part of or the full amount of tuition fees depends entirely on your company’s financial situation. Some companies are also strict in setting parameters. They require employees to earn a high GPA or pass a course before reimbursing the cost of getting a degree or professional certification.

Paid sabbatical

This option allows workers to reset. Employees of Deloitte are entitled to two sabbatical programs. They can take a one-month sabbatical for any reason, without pay. Or they can go on a 3-to-6-month sabbatical to pursue a personal or professional growth opportunity. In the second option, they still get to enjoy 40% of their monthly salary at Deloitte.

Flexible schedule and remote workplace

Nowadays, companies are seeing the benefits of offering flexible schedules and remote work to employees. In the words of someone who had a job at Siemens Canada people understand they can report from home on a regular basis “when it makes good sense.” Finding support from the higher-ups enables them to take advantage of the perk with ease.

Cycle to Work Scheme

This scheme has a similar arrangement to the car financing program. The company can pay for bicycles and bicycle equipment for their employees if they agree to pay back through a salary deduction of up to 12 months.

Unique on-site amenities

You read about the laundromat at the Googleplex earlier. DLGL, an Hr software developer based in Blainville, Que, is another good example with its onsite family doctor, physiotherapist, and child care center, among others. If you can provide a spot for lactating mothers, that’s a good start.

Travel stipend

In addition to paid leaves, you can also choose to reward people with a travel allowance. Airbnb has set the bar high with its $2,000 annual travel stipend per employee. If you have a limited budget, you can narrow down potential beneficiaries to the year’s top performers or department. 


Wellness stipend

Lastly, you can also help workers stay healthy with a sensible wellness stipend. Eventbrite shells out $60 per employee per month. The amount is enough for a person to pay gym dues on a VIP membership. The events platform also complements this perk with catered lunches and healthy snacks.

These perks are ways that smart business leaders are investing in their workforce. They are recognizing the increased need for creating a comfortable and rewarding work environment. Businesses that don’t adapt to the new shift are likely to lose talent to companies that do.

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