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Why Is There A Need To Have A Medical Specialist HR?

In business, there are numerous aspects to consider and regularly and repeatedly perform in order to secure success. However, the core element that determines success is the customers. The business’ patrons are the ones who bring in the profits. Given that, a satisfactory customer service will always render great results. So, how and where does one begin in establishing a satisfactory customer service that will soon deliver the high influx of paying customers?

The persons who build up your business’ power team of employees are the Human Resources (HR) Department. The HR Department is the “middleman” between the management and the workers. In the administrative side of things, the HR managers develop long-term goals and approaches for the development of the company. On the other hand, in the employee’s side, the HR specialists manage the recruitment, training, and benefits of employee. They screen and interview members for a specific department. They also handle employee relations and payroll. For this reason, a business’ success begins with the department that fills in the organizational chart — the Human Resources Department.

Nowadays, the HR Department has organized under its office some specific teams to secure thorough assessment and management of unique employee issues. These HR specialists cover the following areas:

  1. Compensation and Benefits
  2. Employment, Recruitment, and Placement
  3. Training and Development
  4. Employee Assistance
  5. Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Analysis

With this new trend in human resources, employee concerns will be addressed comprehensively. However, medical concerns and issues related to work or sick leaves will also require attention. That is the reason why companies have acquired medical specialists in the HR office.

In the medical practice, Medical Specialists are doctors who have completed further medical education and training in a specific field in medicine. Some medical specialists include cardiologists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and family medicine physicians, to name a few.

So, why is there a need to have a Medical Specialist HR in the office?

  1. Recruitment stage: Medical Specialists can assess a job applicant’s health status and capacity to work during the pre-employment and employment interviews. Through this, the company will be able to minimize the risk of losing unfit employees in the future.
  2. Training: During the course of the job training, Medical Specialists will be able to conduct consistent health assessments on the employees at a physical, psychological, and emotional level, again to minimize the risk of losing unfit regular employees in the future. Also Medical Specialist can assist in designing and implementing a well-rounded fitness plan to ensure employees are trained on the same right from outset, to encourage healthy employees.
  3. Employee Health Benefits: Every employee is and will be entitled to insurance and retirement benefits. Moreover, every employee will be entitled to a certain number of sick leaves. By having a Medical Specialist HR in the office, the company will be able to meet these employee health benefits fully. In addition, acquiring your own Medical Specialist HR in the office will diminish the costly professional fee allocated to an outside doctor to assess sick employees.
  4. Return to Work Meeting Management: When employees have been on a long leave due to health reasons, rejoining work might require some reorientation of the employee along with a full debriefing about the employee’s current health situation and any special care if required. Conducting these meetings and tracking special need for each employee can drain precious HR resources. MedicalSpecialist in HR can handle this very well, allowing other resources to be freed up. Also understanding the underlying cause of absence is very important. If it is work related then timely intervention can help reduce the absence episodes and length both.
  5. Medication Management: Sometimes employees can be on medication which can adversely affect their ability to handle heavy machinery or physical stamina, mood etc. Having a Medical Specialist in HR enables for double check of such medications, so any unpleasant situation involving any employee can be avoided. Medical Specialist can also advise alternative medicines to employees if required.
  6. Repetitive and or Long Term Sickness Management: Managing a long term sickness or any disability (developed after joining the job) can prove challenging and distressing for managers. Medical Specialist with complete know-how can understand the employee’srequirement and situation well and help allocate the resources in a manner best suited to both the employee and company’s goal.
  7. Workplace Environment Management: Often workplace related stressors are not directly mentioned or reported to managers. However presence of these stressors can cause absenteeism, health issues, and even resignations. Trained Medical Specialist who has specialist knowledge in occupational health, mental health and more can be an excellent point of communication for employees. Allowing employees to distress and the management to understand and work out an amicable way to reduce/ elimination stressors thus allowing for healthier work environment which not only reduces absenteeism but also improves productivity.
  8. Expediting the return to work period: Medical Specialist in HR can help an unwell employee return to work earlier by suggesting alternative cost effective treatments or solutions. This is particularlyuseful for critical area employees, who cannot be replaced easily. Also this allows both company and employees to shorten the leave and resulting distress and follow a treatment plan beneficial to both parties.

Having a Medical Specialist on the HR team will allow your company to utilize its HR resources in the most efficient manner thus allowing for rapid growth. Most Medical Specialists who work in HR have formal medical background, compounded with occupational health, work psychology and other essential knowledge required to operate in an office setup. This makes a Medical Specialist valuable asset for any company’s HR department. By building a smart and well informed HR department, businesses are assured that employees will be happy. As a result, these employees will be more than willing to make the customers happy, and accordingly, happy customers are good paying customers. And which company doesn’t love a good paying customer!

Written by: Jon works as a HR executive at HR Advise Me – a leading HR Consultants in UK. With his management skills & experience, he support & deliver a range of pragmatic management solutions and advice to help you get the most from your employees. Apart from his work he loves scuba diving, trekking & writing. Meet Jon at HR Advise Me for any kind of HR Consultancy Services.

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