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The 6 Big Technological Trends Worth Watching

Technology is constantly breaking grounds and will continue to do so as the year progresses. However, that does not necessarily mean our lives are getting better, we are just becoming lazier by the day since robots and machines have taken over our jobs.

Anyway, we are not here to criticize the technological advancements but to inform you about what’s new! Without further ado, let’s find out what 2017 already has offered us with and what it might offer us further down the road.

  1. OS for the IoT (Internet of Things)

    Cloud computing was long considered as the future and now it has finally arrived. You will find hundreds and thousands of devices connected and communicating with each other with the help of cloud technology. Why? It is because it allows for real-time management of the data.

    Developers are vested in creating devices more devices by IoT in mind and many projects are already underway. To be honest, the playground is open for anyone who is seeking to capitalize on IoT market. The giants such as Cisco, AT&T, Google, AWS and Microsoft Azure have all come up with their IoT devices.

    Only time will tell, who will become the industry leader but presently, the race is on. According to experts, the IoT sector is expected to climb at a rate of 116% by the close of 2017.

  2. The use of AR, VR and MR will continue to increase

    What’s the Difference Between AR, VR, and MR?AR: Augmented Reality
    VR: Virtual Reality
    MR: Mixed Reality

    First let’s understand what AR, VR and MR actually is. I’ll explain with the help of examples. Pokémon Go was AR (Augmented Reality) that engulfed public for the better half of the year 2016. Realizing the success Pokémon Go brought to the developers, giants like Microsoft, Intel, Google and Apple are eyeing the entry into the AR domain, and you can only imagine where it will lead.

    VR is Virtual Reality and MR is Mixed Reality (best of both AR and VR, really). VR is the enacting of simulated environment of an actual place which you can view in a 360 degrees video format. It is an immersive experience and is making waves everywhere.

    AR compatible eye wears are arriving which is packed with ‘second screens’ enabling you to delve even further into the world of augmented reality, but at present these are mainly focused on B2B markets and not the consumer market.

  3. Blockchain
    For those of you who are familiar with the concept of Bitcoin, we don’t need to tell you what Blockchain is. For the folks who are not aware of the Blockchain mania, it is basically a system whereby you keep your Bitcoins safe and ensure its security while transacting.
    Blockchain helps you to be in control of your cryptocurrency and is expected to be integrated into banks so you transfer your Bitcoins in the form of cash to your bank accounts. Isn’t this a cool feature? Blockchain will also be responsible and is at many places, for identifying you online when carrying out  buying/selling in crypto coins such as the sale/purchase of a house or when buying music online (it ensure artists are compensated fairly for their creativity).
  4. Growth of VPN technology
    VPN stands for Virtual Private Network whereby you can enact a secure and encrypted connection among a wide array of devices and the service provider of VPN server. You are thus, protected against prying eyes those seeking to snoop into your private data.
    During the year 2017, the use of VPN will not only be limited to tech nerds rather it will become commonplace for most people as safeguarding privacy is of utmost concern due to want for protection against the ills of identity theft/hacking while online.
  5. Say “Hello” to Chatbots
    AI has swept everyone off of their feet and 2017 is going to be no different in terms of AI development. Facebook is soon going to unveil its chatbot feature in its Messenger app as opposed to human agents sitting at the back responding to customer queries. So yeah, lot is in the pipeline, in addition to chatbots for automated banking platform.
  6. Machine learning
    Machine learning has been on the rise for a while now. It has been assisting google in improving its search engine algorithm. For now, its application is limited but down the road, machine learning’s role will be at an all-time high.

Consumer applications will witness the incorporation of machine learning. Those interested in online buying and selling, with the help of machine learning, they will be offered suggestions/recommendations based on their history of purchases. Resultantly, UX will improve and so will customer engagement.

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