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How to Ensure a Successful Gaming Application in the App Stores?

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In the early 2000’s, the craze for mobile games was witnessed, as Nokia Launched the Snake game. If you belong to the 90’s or have lived through the 90’s, then you must have played the addictive snake game in the mobile. That game became so popular that it led a strong path for the mobile games shortly.

After that, with the introduction of smartphones, different gaming apps were made available to the users. Developers of various corners of the world started to invest in their ideas and submitted different varieties of games in the app stores.

The Gaming Application Market Is Too Competitive

Every day thousands of games are being uploaded to the app stores, which created a buzz for the space in the stores. Apart from the gaming apps, there are also different other apps, which are highly necessary for the users. According to a research report, the gaming applications have booked a share of around 22% in the app stores. Again, it is also predicted that the revenues associated with the gaming apps are going to hit $30 billion by 2020.

Well, from all these reports, it is pretty clear that the craze for the gaming apps is going to raise its bar, shortly. Though the competition is very strict in the app market, it is very important for the developers to enhance their skills and strategies while developing the games.

Every gaming application should be unique and interesting to attract the users. A successful gaming app not only involves the users in the content of the game but also allows the users to spread the game in their surroundings. Only 7% of the games, which are uploaded every year, manage to earn a successful reputation in the app market. Thus, it is necessary for the developers to enhance the focus on the gaming apps, from all directions.

Important Tips for Developing A Successful Gaming Application

To reduce the stress of the developers, here we have arranged some secret tips from the successful developers. So have a look at the following tips to ensure a successful gaming application.

Make the Application Free To Download

The users don’t like to pay for the game, unless and until the game has created a buzz in the gaming market. Almost every developer allows the users to download and install the games without paying a penny. To monetize the game, you can opt for other effective options, but to gain popularity and success, you have to ensure free downloads for the users. The main objective of this strategy is to reach maximum users.

Expose Your Gaming Application through Different Communities

Once the game is free to download, the users will automatically start to flow around the app. To continue the flow of downloads; you have to promote the features and contents of the game through the social media platforms or communities. There are many communities like facebook, twitter which are already blessed with millions of users. So, if you start to promote the app on such platforms, then there are high chances that the number of downloads will greatly increase.

Again, the social media platforms will also allow the spreading of the app, as the users will share the experiences of the gaming application. Just imagine, a group of friends shared their experiences with another group, and that group shared it with five other groups, and the sharing process goes on like this, then it is feasible to ensure the success of the gaming app.

Make It Simple But Don’t Forget About Creativity

The gaming application depends on the creativity and imagination of the developers. Sometimes, the developer imagines a unique thing, but unable to implement them in the game, and thus the game becomes a flop. It is very important to design the game with great simplicity, as the users don’t like to play too much-complicated games.

But again, if you are going to a simple game, then it is difficult to withstand in the app market. So, the only way to develop a successful game is to use the creativity and imagination to the fullest and ensure a possible game with pretty features and amazing graphics.

Add Socially Competitive Features

The multiplayer gaming apps have more chances of being successful as compared to the single player gaming apps. In the multiplayer format, the players get a platform to play against each other. In such platforms, the engagement depth of the players is very high, and slowly with more and more engagements, the players will become addictive towards the game.

Hence, nowadays most of the developers are ensuring multiplayer connectivity in the gaming apps through internet services. Again, with such social competitive features, it is highly guaranteed that the players will not get bored with the game, and will continue to play the game for months, by interacting with their friends and mates.

Develop The Gaming App With Cross-Platform Strategy

Nowadays, the users are using different kinds of electronic devices to surf through various games. Smartphones are not the only medium through which the games are available to the users. The players can also play the game on laptops, desktops, tablets, and on many other platforms.

So, if a game is not compatible with all the available platforms, then there are high chances that, you are going to lose some of the valuable users. So, develop the gaming application for every platform to be a successful gaming app developer.

Don’t Forget To Update the Gaming App Regularly

Though the application is maintained with different software, there are chances that various bugs will affect the game. So, to fix the bugs, it is necessary to update the app at regular intervals. Again, the users also love the fresh images, contents, and characters in a game, so definitely updating a gaming application with interesting features can highly ensure the success of the application.

Now don’t worry and follow the above six secret tips to ensure a profitable and successful gaming application. Just remember, one thing, if the users are not satisfied with the content of the game, then none of these tips are going to work. So, make sure, you are investing in the right idea.

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