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7 Reasons Why Long-term Strategic Planning is Your Best Friend in Blogging

Becoming a successful blogger requires effort, consistency and persistence, as blogging does not revolve around publishing a content on required time limits. Whereas, gaining maximum eyeballs of the audience can turn out quite a nerve-wracking task.

Over the years, blogging has created avenues for countless individuals to earn money, allowing them to explore their passion and share discoveries with the targeted audience. However, if you are planning to setup a blog, then it is of pivotal importance to maintain consistency and persistence in every write-up, allowing the audience to understand the basic purpose of the blog. As a result, beginners find it difficult to attract a major chunk of the audience to their blogs or fail to observe expected results in the short span of time. In fact, most of the beginner level bloggers fail to show persistence and commitment in the first few months of their career.

However, writing a blog for profit is a critical goal which demands willingness to produce quality content, along with enthusiasm to attract targeted chunk of the audience. Whereas, a profitable blog can be achieved by implementing a strategic plan, persistence and consistency in writing. In fact, it does not matter if you are writing a blog post for a promotional blog, it is of pivotal importance to develop a plan in order to achieve long-term growth. Moreover, by following the path of continuous effort and determination, individuals can reap profits from blogging career.

Here are 7 reasons why long-term strategic plans are necessary for every blogger to give a kick start to budding career:

  1. Set directions and priorities

Before stepping into a professional blogging career, it is first and foremost important to set strategies, directions and establish key goals for the blog. As a result, bloggers can chase their defined goals and prioritise their activities, which will allow them to get a maximum view from the desired set of audience. Additionally, setting up goals and strategies will ease up the path of blogging, as this will eventually help bloggers to track down weekly or monthly blogging activities while allowing them to eventually drive the maximum exposure in the longer run.

In addition, a successful blogger is very deliberate of what they want to achieve after a defined period of time. However, once you have figured out the defined goal, then you can easily gain trust and communicate with the right set of audience in an efficient and effective manner.

  1. Clarify the purpose of the blog

Before digging into a strategy for blogging, you need to clearly articulate the underlying purpose of the blog. As more and more blogs appear each day, it is of pivotal importance to clarify the purpose of the blog to the audience. It is important to figure out the purpose of the blog by analysing aspects including:

  • What is the target audience of the blog?
  • What story supports your blog’s purpose?

Bloggers fall behind if he/she fails to identify the purpose of the blog, in order to gain maximum exposure from targeted audience. However, it has been observed that blogging turn out to be profitable if bloggers present and describe the basic purpose of writing. However, if you are lacking direction and strategy at the beginning of your career, then, this is the right time to clearly define the perspective of blogging as it leads to achieving business goals in the shortest span of time.

  1. Targeting the right chunk of audience

To stay committed to passion, bloggers need to identify the right set of audience to deliver the information to, which might suit the interest of the targeted audience.  Moreover, targeting the right set of an audience will increase the chance of reaching masses effectively. It is therefore important to deliver the information by considering the right audience. Moreover, in order to earn the right chunk of an audience, it is essential for bloggers to build a strong presence on social media platforms to generate organic & referral traffic to their websites.

Moreover, once you have identified the right target audience, you can drive an influx of visitors by delivering relevant information to the audience. As you are working on a long-term strategy, try to opt for realistic approach by publishing a series of posts for the right set of audience.

  1. Scheduling blog posts

Most of the bloggers fall behind in updating their website. To be certain, updating as often as you can is an excellent way to keep blog ‘blood’ going. However, once readers realise that the information they receive is relevant and is frequently updated, they will return to the site regularly. Moreover, keeping track of the content is one of the great aspects of scheduling posts, allowing bloggers to publish posts for a whole week or month in advance.

  1. Unrealistic expectations

Earning money at a fast pace is one of the major traps that many bloggers fall into. The vast majority of bloggers have an unrealistic approach when it comes to the amount of traffic and generated income. To achieve the dream of blogging for a profit, it is important to be consistent with your content and always put emphasis on the quality of your work. In order to achieve the desired result, it is essential to set realistic, long-term strategies and plans.

However, it takes time to build a large readership that compliments your blog, as there are hundreds of blogs online vying for the same audience. Whereas, if you’re committed to producing quality content, are patient and realise the immense work that lies behind a successful blog – you will prosper.

  1. Focused marketing and SEO planning

Blogging simply relies on intuitive planning and integrated marketing to improve search engine rankings. To make your blogging more profitable, it is vital to publish content that helps boost the ranking of the blog in search engines. However, you can achieve this by analysing and building a basic yet solid on-page and technical SEO foundation.

One of the main goals of marketing is to build trust with the targeted audience. Moreover, once you develop a credible relationship with your readers, they will probably recommend the blog or a story to their friends and family.

  1. Measure your short-term goals

The more specific and short-term your goals are, the easier it will be to achieve your long-term strategy. However, always ensure to set realistic goals that are manageable and doable – this will eventually lead you towards the path of progress.

To be more specific, plan a strategy well ahead but focus on short-term goals.

Devesh Sharma
Dev is a founder of WPKube, a popular Wordpress resource website. His work has been featured & mentioned in a wide range of publications, including Smart Insights, The Next Web, SpeckyBoy, Creative Bloq, The Huffington Post, SEJ and Smart Blogger.
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