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IOS 11 Is On The Way: Is Your App Ready?

It’s quite blatant what’s cooking up with IOS, of course, the new version. Beta versions are already out and with each new one, you get something better. These started off with the WWDC 2017. Well, it brought many sizzling announcements for its devices like iPad Pro, Apple watch, Mac, and new HomePod but the shows topper was IOS 11. If you are in the league of iPhone app development companies, you should buckle your shoes and stay updated with the latest features, improvements in the features of each beta version and how these affect the mobile apps. When these many things are already out it’s not just to faff around, it’s to make your upcoming apps get ready for IOS 11.

With each new release of OS, Apple is always supportive of the apps which are ready from the day 1 of the launch. This means that if you want your app to rank at the top in the app store, prepare your app for IOS 11. Your app will have new and enticing features which will act better in the app store as compared to that of those updated apps. So, what exactly you need to do?

1) Revamped app store

App store has been revamped with alteration in the design, in-app payment features, improved functionality, and app product pages. Let’s peep in to know the detailed changes in it. The moment you enter the App Store, you will be greeted with new cards which will pop up with the trending app news of the day. The option of dedicated tabs is also available to hunt for what you are looking. The highlighting feature is that new product pages contain new text fields wherein you can feed the promotional text and subtitles entailing you with more places wherein you can portray your apps qualities. You can highlight the glittering parts of your app to lure your target audience with app previews being increased from one to three. Well, if you haven’t used app previews yet, it’s right time you start using it and add them to your apps product page.

Well, the app store revamp doesn’t end here, you can now promote in-app purchase within the app store only. This will let the users find and make the in app purchase directly from the app store only. How will this benefit you? Well, this will give you upsurged benefit before even your app gets downloaded. You have limit up to 20in-app purchase which will also be shown in your search results.

2) App store update with phase releases

By now, Apple will come up with an app update for all the users at the same time but with the introduction of the phased release developers are availed with the option to release the update for only the specific set of users before it goes open for everyone. Well, this is great if a feature needs to be tested with a beta audience before it rolls out to be a disaster on a whole.

3) ARKit

Both iPad and iPhone app development can be taken to a whole new level with the release of the ARKit. It’s probably a new framework giving native AR with features like scene understanding and position tracking which will transform Pokemon Go app along with all other apps. Even you are not into developing gaming apps, ARKit is still a massive opportunity for the apps. So, if you are on the app development stage, better make your app ready for the IOS 11 ARKit.

4) Machine learning support intelligent apps

Machine learning has been in the market since IOS 10 only, what IOS 11 have done is extended its features and functions with Core ML. It helps the apps building with smart new features like the landmark, bar code detection, face tracking, image registration and object tracking. By inserting trained machine learning in the upcoming apps, you can upgrade the user experience and avail smooth functioning of the app. Say, for example, there is an app which is trained in telling the market price of the houses then it will be really easy to know the rate of the area and any house entering that area. This would be so much convenient for the users indulged in the real estate, business, finance, and sports.

5) iMessage app drawer

IOS 10 brought some really significant changes in the iMessage which IOS 11 is going to take even further. The refined app drawer will enable the users to access the iMessage apps quickly along with finding and installing the new ones directly. Well, this does not have any direct connection with your mobile app but it does affect the interaction of the user with that of iMessage.

6) Control over location detection

Well, there was an issue before, even when the app is not in use, third party apps can detect the location of the user. Well, with IOS 11, this issue is resolved. There’s a restriction imposed on tracking the location of the user by the third party apps when the app is not in use. Previously this option was only available if the app developer integrates it in the app. With this new addition, you will have extended battery of your device restricting GPS to run in the background and yes the security is also tightened.

7) Improved visual design

Apple Music of IOS 10 has undergone some minor visual changes. The most visible ones are thicker typefaces and bigger font. The design transformation is in slow pace but for the app designers, it is important to know that Apple is gradually pushing its design from good to great. So, for those coming up with new apps, the design should not be dull boring as before, make it pleasantly interesting.

8) NFC tags accessed

This is a teeny weeny feature but yes a useful one. Users of iPhone 7 will be able to scan all the NFC tags with this new update. Well, this is not a generic feature but will be extremely helpful for those indulging in security and stock trading and in physical places like cinemas and shops.

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