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Top 5 Latest Trends in iPhone Application Development

Since smartphones were first introduced, they have become a vital part of our lives. Everyone owns a smartphone today and uses various functionalities on a daily basis. All of these features that we use on our smartphones wouldn’t be possible without the necessary apps.

Our phone alarms, games, emails, social networks, web browsing, and other functionalities wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have adequate apps for them. We depend on these things daily, meaning that smartphone and app development is not going to stop any time soon.

There is constant innovation when talking about mobile apps and their uses, and Apple is always looking to give something new for their iPhone users. Here are some of the latests, top 5 trends that Apple is looking to follow with their app development which all the mobile app development company should follow :-

1.  Beacon and GPS technology

Beacon and GPS technology are already quite commercialized and they’ve also been used for advanced marketing techniques and targeting specific individuals. Still, it’s expected that these technologies will gain great momentum at the end of 2017. GPS sensors and Beacons are integrated into lighting, various appliances, cars, and many other things.

Apple’s iOS 7 already has an interface which can be used by the owner to control and manage different appliances around their house. Users will be able to perform these actions either while in their homes or from a distant location. Apart from providing various conveniences for users, this is an environment-friendly and an energy-saving initiative.

2.  Wearable technology

This trend has already started and it’s only expected that it will have grown even bigger by the end of 2020. There are already some amazing wearable devices including Apple Watch Series 2 and Google Daydream. In the years to come, wearable devices will stop being limited to industries such as health care as they are expected to be used everywhere, to dictate various mobile app development trends that are yet to come.

3.  Security measures

As more and more people are using iPhone devices to do professional and personal tasks including finances, sharing information and managing their homes, the need for improved mobile app security measures is becoming greater and this is a challenge that awaits app developers in the future.

Although Apple’s current devices are secure, the iOS 3.0 might have security issues when you consider the fact that Apple is going to give public information about their app development efforts. Until an international security standard is created, mobile app security in general will be a great concern.

4.  AG – Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is steadily making its way to various iOS application and, in most cases, it relies on GPS technology to provide a wide range of services to iPhone users. Augmented reality is also used a lot in games and this is changing how the gaming industry is looking as it allows games to be integrated into all of the activities that a user performs.

We are already seeing that GPS and augmented reality are both becoming an important thing for all mobile app developers. It’s expected that there will be more and more 3D video games for iPhone devices that will use this technology and the only issue here may be, of course, security.

5.  The Implementation of Swift

Objective-C has always been the main coding language for all iOS apps. However, since Swift has appeared in the coding world, application developers discovered various advanced methodologies and frameworks which made it possible for them to use Xcode tools which ultimately allowed them to write codes which are reliable.

The brand new Swift 2 made by Apple has features which are developer-friendly and allow them to make iOS apps which work flawlessly. This is why iPhone app developers will have to start learning Swift as it will only grow in the future.

All of the apps developed in the future will be using Swift meaning that this coding language is a certain trend.

These are the latest trends in iPhone app development. All developers that are looking to get involved with these products need to follow them if they want to matter in this industry.

Yogesh Choudhary
Yogesh Choudhary is the founder & CEO of Finoit Technology, a leading Mobile app development company which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and app development services across IOS and Android platforms.