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These 12 Largest U.S. Companies Laying Off The Most Employees In 2017

The struggling department store chain, Macy’s began the new year by announcing it was closing 68 stores and laying off 10,000 employees, according to multiple news sources.

Retailer JCPenney has also announced its latest round of job cuts, saying it planned to shutter up to 138 stores and laying off 5,500 employees.

The 12 companies — Macy’s, JCPenney, HHGregg, State Farm, the Limited, Wet Seal Inc, Weatherford International, Dollar Express, Lowe’s Cos., State Department, Hershey Company, and General Motors — plan to let go of 47,597 employees in 2017.

Here are the first 12 largest U.S. companies laying off the most employees:

Job cuts: 10,000 employees
Industry: Retail

2. JCPenney
Job cuts: 5,500 employees
Industry: Retail

3. HHGregg
Job cuts: 5,000 employees
Industry: Retail

4. State Farm
Job cuts: 4,200 employees
Industry: Insurance

5. The Limited
Job cuts: 4,000 employees
Industry: Retail

6. Wet Seal Inc.
Job cuts: 3,000 employees
Industry: Retail

7. Weatherford International
Job cuts: 3,000 employees
Industry: Energy

8. Dollar Express
Job cuts: 2,800 employees
Industry: Retail

9. General Motors
Job cuts: 2,700 employees
Industry: Automotive

10. The Hershey Company
Job cuts: 2,697 employees
Industry: Food

11. Lowe’s Cos.
Job cuts: 2,400 employees
Industry: Retail

12. The State Department
Job cuts: 2,300 employees
Industry: Government

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