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What Can Drive Your Users Away From An E-Commerce Apps?

The trend of online shopping has escalated immensely and electronic trade is right on the boom. This has given e-commerce app a big push. Customers are asking for more options due to this and mobile app development company are also on the toes to entail the users with the same. So are you planning to hit the same road witnessing the demand? Well, not everything that is in demand is bought right away. Users are smart and what they expect is smarter, better and cheaper. Keep in mind, you are hitting the gigantic e-commerce industry, buckle up your shoes and instead of focusing on what to do and what others are doing, keep your mind clear on what you should not be doing. Let’s dive in deep and explore the features that can drive your users away from your e-commerce apps.

1) Higher shipping cost

One of the perks of shopping online is that you don’t have to take the trouble of traveling to stores, wasting your money and time exploring collection from one store to another. Cheap prices, more products are also some of the pros, what’s the point of buying online at less price when you have to pay high extra bucks for shipping. Shipping charges must be there but not over the head. This might put off your users and they might turn to your competitors. Is this what you want? If no, you know what you have to do.

2) Hidden shipping cost

There are online shopping stores, who still follow the antiquated technique of revealing the shipping cost at the end. The prevalent frame of mind behind this technique is users will be lured by the product and the low price. So, when there is little bit addition of the shipping cost, users won’t mind paying it off. This is mere bullshit. This isn’t going to impress or engage the users instead, this will put off users, they have invested this much time scrolling and finally found a product they like with price they can afford and at last, it results in price rise. This is really upsetting.

3) Curtailed payment options

It’s not mandatory that users will pay through debit only. Yes, it is popular payment medium but users are varied and so are their payment methods. Users expect to be updated about any commission or extra charges to be charged by making payment through debit card or credit card. There has also been apps and sites for payment like PayPal. These apps ensure to protect the personal and financial data of the customers. When you are off to enter with e-commerce app, offer the customer all the options and let them make a choice. Curtailing the payment options is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

4) No add on and attractions

As we discussed above, users are greedy. They turn their ways where they get maximum benefits. Customers have reached to online shopping from street shopping only, what they have learned there is bargaining. It gives them satisfaction to buy things in curtailed pricing. Ignoring this is one of the biggest mistakes you can come up with while indulging in mobile app development. Always throw attractions to your users, even the small discount, a few percent off will make the users happy and satisfied with the purchase they made.

5) Eliminate compulsory registration

There are surfeit users who access the e-commerce site in a hurry, grab an item or two and leave. When there is a necessity to create an account, it eats up reasonable amount of time of the users. Apart from this, users are also not interested in sharing personal details with the app, compulsory registration will leak their details. If you want a successful mobile app, keep the registration option optional.

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