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These Are The 50 Most Famous Celebrities In The Arab World, 2017

Recently, Forbes Middle East shared a list of the most famous celebrities in the Arab World, 2017.

Egyptian singer Amr Diab takes the top spot, followed by two best-selling Lebanese singers, Nancy Ajram and Elissa, with over 48 million and 43 million followers.

Iraqi crooner Kadim Al Saher came fourth with Lebanese music diva and fashion icon Najwa Karam rounding out the top five.

Magazine surveyed 500 Arab celebrities – the list reveals the region’s favorite celebrities based on their length of time in the industry, their influence, and their social media following.

These Are The Top 50 Most Famous Celebrities In The Arab World, 2017

1Amr DiabSingerEgypt
2Nancy ajramSingerLebanon
4Kadim AlsaherSingerIraq
5Najwa KaramSingerLebanon
6Adel EmamActorEgypt
7Assala NasriSingerSyria
8Ahlam AlshamsiSingerUAE
9Ragheb AlamaSingerLebanon
10George WassoufSingerSyria
11Ahmed HelmyActorEgypt
12Tamer Hosny SingerSingerEgypt
13Sherine Abdel-WahabSingerEgypt
14Mohamed HamakySingerEgypt
15Cyrine AbdelnourSingerLebanon
16Wael JassarSingerLebanon
17Ahmed El SakkaActorEgypt
18Hussain Al JassmiSingerUAE
20Saber AlrebaiSingerTunisia
21Amal MaherSingerEgypt
22Myriam FaresSingerLebanon
23Samira SaidSingerMorocco
24Carole SamahaSingerLebanon
25Hassan El ShafeiComposerEgypt
26Mohamed MounirSingerEgypt
27Hend SabryActorTunisia
28Donia Samir GhanemActorEgypt
29Mohammed AssafSingerPalestine
30Mohamed SobhiActorEgypt
31Nawal Al ZoghbiSingerLebanon
33Haifa WehbeSingerLebanon
34Maher ZainSingerLebanon
35Ramez GalalActorEgypt
36Diana HaddadSingerLebanon
37Karim Abdel AzizActorEgypt
38Assi El HallaniSingerLebanon
39Cheb KhaledSingerAlgeria
40Samo ZainSingerSyria
41Hamza NamiraSingerEgypt
42Ghada Abdel RazekActorEgypt
43Mohamed RamadanActorEgypt
44Yasmin AbdulazizActorEgypt
45Dorra ZarroukActorTunisia
46Maya DiabSingerLebanon
47Mona ZakiActorEgypt
48Mustafa Agha PresenterSyria
49*Hany ShakerSingerEgypt
50Moustafa shabanActorEgypt

Nancy Ajram
Ranked at No.2 Nancy is the most famous female celebrity in the Arab world.


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