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Designing a Web App for Your Business Enterprise

In most situations, a business web design application is not getting enough attention it deserves. Because of this, there are many applications that do not meet the requirements of business owners and end users.

In the long run this could lead to the fact that money will be lost, and users will not be satisfied with the overall experience. What is even stranger is the fact that, in some cases, these applications are only designed by web Development Company, while the design company play little or no role in this process.

Developing web business applications for business – is not an easy task for the web developer, especially if we pause to think about the imbalance between the experience developer and the designer.

Business web application created exclusively by the developer, has a high risk of discontent, not only on behalf of the business owner, but also the end user, which ultimately leads to the project to be unsuccessful.


As the Internet advances from one stage to another, it is not surprising that this virtual reality is gradually becoming a dominant.

It is because of the emergence of Internet radical changes have taken place in the field of web-based applications, which in turn affect modes of business operations. Most companies are going through a change; abandoning the old models and selecting the model, based on an innovative concept (mesh, cloud and so on.)

Fast pace at which events take place, is one of the reasons why the newly developed web application should be of superior quality. They actually represent the interface through which it is presented to the company as well as the services or products available. Do not waste your time thinking about how to create business enterprise applications, but rather take action and provide a web-based application to meet consumer needs.

The interface should not be complicated to be effective – on the contrary, there are three basic qualities you should possess: simplicity, high sensitivity and ease of use.

To ensure your design is to use a web development experience as well as web design skills accumulated over time. In addition, there are some other things to keep in mind, and they are presented in the following paragraphs.


The answer is ‘no’, but this mistake is often made, perhaps as often as the design of the user interface is confused with website design. To clarify the situation, let’s learn a bit more information about websites and web applications. First, you probably know the easiest way to identify your website is to see it as a set of pages.

In addition, it is known that most of the content on the website is static, with some images and videos that generally guarantees limited functionality with an interactive perspective. The only exception to this can be represented by elements such as the contact form or search field.

So, what is the main role of the website? The answer is simple and obvious: information. In some situations, dynamic content on the website is shown using content management systems, but even then, the corresponding website stays the target and informed you.

On the other way round, Web applications are defined by interaction and dynamism. They allow entrepreneurs to effectively manage their businesses, performing tasks that are crucial and ensure accurate measurement, not to mention an increase in overall productivity.

Therefore, the sole aim for developing a web application is for it to be always in relation to the pre-defined business functions.


It is known that business applications have a higher level of complexity, which makes them more difficult to use, especially in comparison to applications or websites designed for the private user. When it comes to web application design for business, it looks like the interface – it’s not the only thing that matters. In fact, through this application represented a product, system or service that convey a wide range of emotions, attitudes and even behavior.

To come up with the best interface design, you need to get back to experience and knowledge. In addition, the entire process is characterized by a constant search for the best solutions, the type of experiments, without which it is impossible to provide an excellent interface design.

It should be understood that the design of the interface ensures the interaction of the user with the product or service in question, allowing the design to achieve the main objective. This is the main reason why we cannot talk only about UI design but also the user experience (UX) design.


There are many situations in which the customer has specific requirements for the product or service in question because he/she believes that this is what the user might want. However, they simply lead to the creation of applications that simply do not meet the relevant requirements of the user.

On a short-term basis, you can have customer satisfaction, knowing that your requirements are met. However, the long-term customer, of course, suffers when end users are not satisfied with the product or service.

The truth is that the user is the only person who makes a difference in decision making. Unfortunately, despite the important role they play, not many people in the industry are interested in finding out what they really think.


Each web designer has their own design process, which can be used to create a particular product or service. One of the most recommended methods for the design process is the Agile, an approach based on the idea that the user interface is the most important for the user.

As a designer, you can try to make an impression on the fantastic things of the user, but in the end, he/she show interest primarily for the interface. Agile can help the web designer immensely, thanks to an iterative approach, which allows you to segment the design process. When this approach is followed, it is guaranteed that the prototype will only be created after the first iteration.


When you are developing an application, you should be aware that this application will be used by non-disabled and disabled users. When it comes to people with disabilities, it is paramount to comprehend that this is a generic term that covers people who have different availability needs. Some of them suffer from visual impairment while others suffer from deterioration of the motor function of the hearing.

Market analysis for the disabled and for people with disabilities requires time and money. When you are interested in availability for a specific application, it is important to invest enough resources.


There are two things that are most important when it comes to user interface design these are familiarity and consistency. The user interface must be consistent throughout the application, which is called internal consistency.

At the same time, it is important that the user interface maintains its consistency in relation to the operating system and other applications belonging to the same group. This concept is referred to as an external consistency, and applications from the Microsoft Office family are the perfect example to illustrate.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Designing a Web App for Your Business Enterprise
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