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It’s Not Old, This App Trend Is Still Very Much Bold

Application development trend changes in friction of time but what always remains stagnant is UX (User experience) . With escalating competition, users are entailed with the ultimate throne and kings position. Whether it be UI or UX (user interface/user experience), it’s neither the developer nor the designer with the deciding power.

Even they being the creator, the ultimate output is keeping the likes and dislikes of the users in consideration.

There is on the go shift when it comes to app development trends, from Internet of Things (IoT) to instant apps from wearable tech to enterprise apps, the innovations are always at the outset of this industry.

By recognizing this trend, more and more business are diverging their ways here and indulging in developing and deploying their own mobile apps to be an opportunist and take maximum advantage of the opportunity. Well, to be in the market and make your own space, the user experience is something kept at the top-notch. Let’s explore the journey of the entire development process.

Evolution of application development

The first banging step was in 2007 when the app store was evolved. This was the beginning of an era where desktop and laptops were being sided and the world experienced a huge shift or let’s call it a mobile shift. Time was mutating from the web to app.

Those companies who stuck with the old tradition and dint catch up with the new shift got a massive hit and yes not a positive one to be precise. The oppose or ignore was not that users appreciated as with the advent of applications with user-friendly UX, they were experiencing flair of comfort which they strive for in the past years. Now, when they have the taste of it, they are not waving goodbye so easily, in fact, they want more. This is when second big hit entered the market.

Companies played with user experience, the ruling factor of the app boom and they faced huge disappointment. What they did was creating applications that were specific to a single platform either Android or IOS and along with that they also tried to create the miniature form of the web apps which even screwed the UX to the greater extent. The thumb rule is quite simple, if you mess with UX, you will screw your app and will be straight forward shown the way to the graveyard.

Develop an app by integrating these tactics

It’s quite popular and you must be in the know of the same, the world has shifted to the concept from the mobile to mobile first. Being an app development company, this should be ingrained in your brain right from the intuitive stage of the app development process.

The experience with mobile should be much more easy, compatible and concise as compared to that with the web on the desktop. You can’t have all time access to the desktop but in any urgency or emergency situation what is right at your finger tips is a mobile device to access information, download or upload. The flexibility of use and hyping mobility is making things clear in mind about the importance of app experience and not the mobile apps.

Rapid or secure

One of the major roadblocks that are threatening the development process of applications and sacrificing on the user experience is accelerated the speed of application development. Each organization and business seek for an application on the toe and yes, the developers do work on the toe and fulfill the rapid app development needs. This has somewhere around the corner let loose the security knots. The speed needs to slow down as security is a non-negotiable chunk.

This does not end here, even with updates coming up every quarter, they seek for quick deployment. It needs to be clarified that with the new addition of feature of changes in UX is a complex and time-consuming task. It’s not an easy peasy job to revamp the entire app experience with updated features with security in concern and also making it accessible and smoothly function on each of the devices that the app is running on. In the heed of pushing things faster, make sure you are not letting the confidential data of your users in threat.

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